Sculpted Acrylic Nails–Reverse French Technique

As part of my New Year’s goals, I have been wanting to learn the reverse French technique for acrylic nails. It’s so much more effective in my opinion for several reasons:

Why the reverse French Method is amazing!

1. The quicker you apply pink to the nail bed after prepping the less lifting will occur.
2. You can create an extreme smile line with ease by tucking the pink down as far as you like on the sides.
3. When you apply the free edge color it doesn’t have to be perfect–you can file …

3D Cable Knit Sweater Nail Art Tutorial

Sculpted Acrylic Nails

I began forming Katie’s nail beds out with a short coffin shaped sculpted acrylic nail with Creative Nail Design Retention Acrylic. I need to get better at applying my forms and working with a dryer bead…but I love sculpting more so than using tips these days. Tips take so long to glue on and then you have to go back and file and shape and it’s just so messy and takes so much longer than simply attaching a form and applying the acrylic right away! It takes …

Orly GelFX Liquid Vinyl with Edgy Fall Nailart

I popped into Sally Beauty the other day while my son and niece were running around the Halloween store next door and was DELIGHTED to find they are now selling Orly GelFX! I’ve been wanting to try this product forever but just hadn’t gotten around to ordering any AND the price is amazing–$8.00ish with a PROCard!

Just a little info, Sally seems to carry the largest selection of gel polish out of all the beauty suppliers in town and has the largest nail art section too. I saw China Glaze Gelaze, …

Baby Love!

My beautiful baby Oliver is now six weeks old so I suppose my maternity leave is over…time to get back to blogging! 🙂

Here is my sweet boy at six weeks…smiling and laughing all day long! 🙂

I’ve actually sat down to write an update several times in the last six weeks and each time I do a tiny human being needs me NOW. As a matter of fact, he is calling my name this very instant…

Six Hours Later…

I’m back and hopefully can finish this post!

Everything is going great with …

Soccer Nails

I don’t know if I ever mentioned but we signed my son up for city league soccer this year. He LOVES kicking the balls at recess and will go out after school for hours in the backyard kicking against the house so we thought maybe soccer would be a good fit for him. And it has been such a great experience for him! Not always happy but I think it’s taught him a lot about himself and working on a team. He takes it pretty hard when his team loses, …

Pink and Gray for Valentines Day!

I love pink and gray together! It is such a cute color combination whether it’s on your nails or your outfit or your house! So when Jess (who I do trade with for my fabulous eyelash extensions!) wanted a pink and gray combo yesterday I was more than happy to oblige. I’ll list the instructions below with all products used…

Sassy and sweet 🙂

Get The Look!
Step One

Do three color coats of Gelish JetSet (or your gray polish of choice) and Gelish Make You Blink Pink on the ring finger. …

Operation Valentines Day–Part 4 and a prego selfie to boot!

TGIF! Woohoo! Just a quick view of some ADORABLE V-Day nails I did yesterday for my gorgeous friend April. Isn’t she the ultimate babe!

She is beautiful inside and out!

She usually doesn’t do anything too busy on her nails which I totally understand–I personally like just one or two designs most of the time–but this time she wanted to go all out…kind of. Ha ha. They are similar to what I did on Nicole but we changed it up a bit…let me know what you think!

I used …

OPI Holiday Collection 2013

Here is a great link on Amazon to buy the polishes for around $6.00 each 🙂

I am so excited for the holidays and thought I would share OPI’s Mariah Holiday 2013 Collection with you to help get you in the spirit!

I love the rich, bold colors and will try to get some swatches out as soon as I can get my hands on these polishes 🙂

I am doing the Nail Art November Challenge on Instagram and the maroon colors would be perfect for day 7…I’m going to make a trip …

Neon Pink, Black, White & Silver Nails

My friend and client Jessica went to Las Vegas last weekend and needed some fun nails to accompany her! I love the results…and I thought it was fitting they were inspired by the awesome nail salon Polished Nails Las Vegas.

Click here to check out Polished’s Website!

Here are the nails that we came up with–we used gel polish from Gelish and OPI. I hand painted the stripes and dots and used a metallic silver Sharpie as well for accent. I used silver studs on the pinkie and index fingers …

Essie Fall 2013 Part 2—The Lace Is On and Cashmere Bathrobe and Giveaway!

Here’s the second part in my Essie Fall 2013 swatch review 🙂 I saved the best for last!

Essie Cashmere Bathrobe

Cashmere Bathrobe is an absolutely wonderful gray polish that I am in love with! It’s a stormy charcoal gray with the most subtle red sparkle. Imagine yourself wrapped in a soft gray cashmere robe sitting by a crackling fireplace on a crisp autumn night…that’s the best way I can describe this polish! 🙂

On a side note, this would be the perfect polish for Gelish JetSet gel polish if you are …