Orly GelFX Liquid Vinyl with Edgy Fall Nailart

I popped into Sally Beauty the other day while my son and niece were running around the Halloween store next door and was DELIGHTED to find they are now selling Orly GelFX! I’ve been wanting to try this product forever but just hadn’t gotten around to ordering any AND the price is amazing–$8.00ish with a PROCard!

Just a little info, Sally seems to carry the largest selection of gel polish out of all the beauty suppliers in town and has the largest nail art section too. I saw China Glaze Gelaze, Gelish, Orly GelFX, Fingerpaints and ASP plus tons of studs, gems, foils, striping tape, paint, glitter, and decals. They run amazing sales too–for instance the ASP polishes are buy one get one free right now and from what I’ve read ASP seems like a great brand!

Back to my Orly review–I can’t say enough great things about this product! I’ve been looking for a good black gel polish for a while now. OPI’s Black Onyx GelColor was terrible for me…the color and the gel wouldn’t mix together so I literally cannot use it. Gelish Black Shadow isn’t horrible but it seems like it takes 5-6 coats to get a good solid opaque black finish. I wanted a black that was opaque in 2 coats…and Orly delivers this request.

This is three coats of black with one thin coat of OPI GelColor Matte TopCoat

This is three coats of black with one thin coat of OPI GelColor Matte TopCoat

However, that being said, I actually did 3 thin coats because I feel like with my LED lamp the thinner the coats the better the cure. I cured this in my Gelish 6G light which is Gelish’s first LED light they introduced and possibly not the best LED light on the market but I don’t know if I have had a color cure better than Liquid Vinyl did so I’m sure in a better more powerful light it will cure amazing.

I did a matte topcoat with OPI Gelcolor Matte Topcoat and I love the effect. It really does look like I have black vinyl nail wraps on. It actually reminds me of Sarah’s disguise on Arrow! The color feels very durable as well. I’ve worked with enough gel polish to know when a color feels like it’s going to hold up well or not…and this one feels like it’s on to stay. I’ll keep you posted on durability though.

For the nail art I kept it simple. Is it possible to overdue the cheetah theme? Because I might be pushing it. I just love black and gold and I wanted to try glitter with matte so this is what I came up with. Simple but fun. I used my Shany stamping plates and Essie Good As Gold.

I am in love with this mani…and so is my baby…the black nails mesmerize him. 🙂

Let me know what you think or if you have any questions! Thanks for reading!


by Anna

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