Pedicures: what matters most?

how to get the perfect pedicure

I’m curious, what do you look for in a pedicure? Is it a big, fancy, jetted pedicure basin with massage chair? Is it a serene spa environment? Is it a nail tech who takes their time and communicates really well and focuses on the areas you are particular about? I would have clients talk about the best pedicure they’ve ever gotten quite frequently. I believe it is an elusive experience to find the perfect pedicure, but here is what matters most to me when I get a pedicure.

Here’s my top …

Hello Summer!

Hi Everyone!

Summer is here and it is rocking! The Beauty Lab is staying busy and we have had an awesome first month! I just wanted to do a quick update to let everyone know what is going on with my summer schedule.

First off, I will be taking off the week of July 18-23 to go on a little vacation with my family. Oh! I’m also going to IBS in Las Vegas at the end of this month, June, with my co-workers and I am so excited about this! I’m also …

The Beauty Lab-A full service boutique salon opening soon in St. George!

I’ve got an exciting announcement! I’m moving to a brand new salon opening the first of May. It’ll be right downtown on Main Street in Historic St. George and I’m so excited! It’ll be called The Beauty Lab and we will be offering hair, makeup, lashes, brow, and nail services. The location is a tiny old pioneer home and there will only be 4-5 stylists/techs working. The owners have a beautiful vision of what they would like for it to be and I am so excited to be a part …

Young Nails Caption Art Screens–The Escape Collection

I picked up the Young Nails Caption Conversion Kit with Caption Art Screens at the Beauty supply store the other day and LOVE them!

My kit included The Escape Artist Collection Art Screens and here are all the patterns that come with these plates.

Thanks to polished_by_christina on Instagram for putting this swatch sample together!

The kit also comes with a squishy stamper and scraping card. The Young Nails stamper is amazing and transfers almost perfectly! I’ve been using Caption Polish for stamping and love the black, white, gold, pink, …

Ecaille–The “New” Hair Trend

I’ve been seeing this article floating around the web. What do you think? I love this look, but it seems like a darker version of the popular “bronde” hair trend. My favorite stylist that I follow on Instagram, SemaConde Hair posts gorgeous hair all day every day that seems very similar to this technique…

Click on picture for link to SemaCondeHair on Instagram…she’s AMAZING.

What are your thoughts on Ecaille? I’m going to be getting my hair done hopefully soon and I can’t wait to post pics and show it off! …

The Sense of Smell

The Amazing Sense of Smell

In my past life, I was a store manager at Bath and Body Works. It was probably the longest year of my life and one of the most difficult jobs I’ve ever done but I learned so much and don’t regret doing it. All in all it was a good experience and it paid the bills during the months after my husband and I left our restaurant business at The Fairway Grill. You can read that whole story HERE.

One thing I learned at Bath and Body …

More and Less for 2014

I saw a version of this on Pinterest and loved it but wanted to customize it for my 2014 goals. I also created a blank copy if you want to save it and upload it to the Rhonna Designs App and edit for your own “More’s and Less’s”. πŸ™‚

Here’s the blank version and a link to purchase Rhonna’s amazing software…it’s the best thing ever to happen to my iPhone 5. πŸ™‚

Click here for link to Rhonna Designs

I’m not a big “Resolutions” fan but I believe whole heartedly in setting …

My first YouTube video! Short but sweet :)

Hi everyone!

My little sister stayed at our house last night with her three kids and I always love having them! She wanted her nails done and I needed to give her a Christmas gift so we killed two birds with one stone. πŸ™‚ Here is my cute sister πŸ™‚

She lives 90 minutes away, across the “blue hills” as my son calls them, in Pioche, Nevada. She comes to St. George quit often though so we are going to try to keep up on her fancy nails.

We sculpted a …

The true meaning of Christmas…

It all started with my sister-in-law Kira. She suggested this year instead of doing a family gift exchange that we each donate to a charity or needy family.

I initially kind of panicked because I don’t personally know anyone that I could donate to. I don’t know why I had it in my head that it had to be personal but for some reason I thought it needed to be someone close to us. The wheels started turning though and it didn’t take long to realize how many people in …

Some Fun, Stylin’ Holiday Nails!

Check out these cute nails!

My friend Nicole scheduled her Thanksgiving appointment and said she wants silver, gray, black, and white colors but I get to choose the design. I had a couple days to get ready which I’m not sure is a good thing because I got slightly obsessive about it! Eek! I spent hours on Instagram looking for those colors and I really couldn’t find anything I loved…so I got out the sketch pad and went to work. πŸ™‚

I told Nicole when I started to reign me …