Maskcara Makeup & Milk Review with Before & After Photos

What is Maskcara Makeup?

Have you heard of Maskcara? I’ve been following Cara for years…I did a blog post a long time ago about one of her makeup tutorials you can read about it here. I absolutely love what she has been able to accomplish! Not only is she a crazy successful boss lady, but she’s also spreading huge awareness about foster care, which is just so extraordinary. And just like her beautiful face and soul, her products are amazing. I received a makeover a while back by the best in the business, Jen Neilson at Wink Lash Studio and I haven’t shared my pics or opinion with anyone yet! So here I am with my Maskcara Makeup & Milk Review with Before & After Photos!

What is Milk Skincare?

I’m kicking myself because I didn’t take any before pics for the Milk Skincare. But I can HONESTLY say this is an amazing product. I was skeptical because I’ve spent a lot of money on skincare products in the past and didn’t have high hopes but I was blown away by Milk. I noticed three major differences after using Milk…

  • My makeup went on smoother
  • My wrinkles seemed less obvious
  • My skin redness decreased

That being said, I’ve never had terrible skin. But I would still love a creamy smooth complexion instead of tired looking deflated skin without spending a fortune. There was a couple drawbacks for me but not huge. The biggest downside to the Tres Leches Skincare line in my opinion was the facial cleaner didn’t last long enough, but I believe the new packaging remedied that problem. (I haven’t reordered since I ran out shamefully.) Also, I personally don’t love glass packaging because I drop stuff a lot and I would be SICK if I dropped this lovely product and it broke. It didn’t happen but I had a few close calls. However, the packaging is beautiful and looks so pretty sitting out on your vanity!

Click on the photo below to find out more about Milk from Jen Nelson, the coolest ginger around. And make sure to follow her on Instagram too cause she’s always posting spot on makeup tips and tricks.

milk maskcara skincare


How does Maskcara makeup work?

On to the makeup! Jen gave me a makeover in her gorgeous salon a few months before I broke down and bought the product. I’m kind of an agonizer. I RARELY binge shop or make spontaneous purchases. So I hung on to my makeup card she provided forever and last Christmas Maskcara was running a fun promotion which was perfect for me because I could use it as a Christmas gift to myself!

The makeup line suggests you use a highlighter, contour, blush, and illuminator. HAC’ing at it’s finest! The makeup is creamy and spreads really nicely. You don’t need a lot to go a long ways. Most of the makeup tins range in the $15 price range so even though the initial investment can be steep, the makeup lasts forever and isn’t expensive to replace individual items.

So here are the before and after pics from my makeover with Jen. Mind you the before’s are actually from the morning after with my regular makeup routine going on. We forgot to take any the night of. But you get the point right?

maskcara makeup before and after

The first thing I notice in these photos is how crooked my face is. The second thing I notice is how much more dimension my face has with the Maskcara makeup (on the right) versus my regular drugstore makeup routine on the left. I also question why I ever pull my hair back???

maskcara makeup and regular makeup

This is a much better angle of my crooked face….it really highlights my Milne nose my grandma passed on…bless her heart…

maskcara makeup versus regular makeup


The very best thing about Maskcara Makeup is the convenience. All of the makeup products come in these nifty little tins that fit in the cutest, stylish compacts magnetically. Cara has created the cutest clutch’s that you can literally fit your life into. She has thought of everything a busy woman needs to look her best. The brushes are amazing quality…so soft and spread the makeup out perfectly. I’ll admit, these are the first ever foundation brushes I’ve purchased so I’m not the most knowledgeable customer perhaps but I think that says a lot for a makeup novice like myself to love a product meant for pros. Makeup is so intimidating for a lot of woman and I love that these products simplify the physical beautification process.

maskcara makeup compacts and brushes

How To Buy Maskcara Makeup?

If you are interested in Maskcara makeup, find Jen on Instagram or contact her on her website and she will personally color match you virtually.

Let me know if you’ve tried Maskcara and what your thoughts are! I would love for you to share this article on Facebook, Pinterest, or wherever you love sharing random stuff!

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