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How to keep your nail supplies organized

Nail technicians seem to acquire TONS of supplies over the course of their careers. I thought it might be helpful if I did a post on how Nail Technician Organization Solutions. There are so many great ways to organize your products and supplies and make your life easier!

Nail Polish Organizers

I love these durable plastic polish organizers for gel polish and regular lacquer alike! They hold anywhere from 36-64 bottles, have a convenient carrying handle, and I like the clear plastic for visibility while you are looking for a color. I love the black fabric container that stores 30 bottles plus implements in the top compartment! It would be so convenient if you ever need to travel to see clients!


Nail Tech Implement Organizer Solutions

I would always keep my clean, sanitized implements in a tightly locked plastic container and put my dirty implements in a rubbermaid type bin until I could clean them. All of these would be great for storing implements.

Affordable Storage Cabinets

Storage is vital as a nail tech. I love these cabinets for a quick, easy, affordable storage solution in your nail station. I always liked white furniture because it disguises dust better than any other finish.


Nail Technician Rolling Cases

It’s nice to be able to keep all of your equipment and supplies in one place as a nail tech because there are always invariably appointments when you will need to take your stuff on the go! These rolling cases are so easy to store everything you will need from your LED lights to your e-file to all of your gel polish colors!


How do you keep your nail station organized?

I’d love to hear your ideas in the comments below! And please share this article on Pinterest or Facebook if you found it helpful!


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