Random Thoughts From a Nail Tech

Hi Everyone!

I have a lot going through my brain and couldn’t narrow my post down to one topic so here are my random thoughts on being a nail tech and a few tips and tricks I’ve learned in the last couple months.

Akzentz is amazing!

I ordered some Akzentz GelPlay and am in love!!! I just ordered the GelPlay Black and I also ordered the Akzentz Matte It Off which is equally as awesome. The GelPlay is completely opaque in one coat.

These are inspired by Sierra’s Nails for my fun, …

New Year’s Eve Nails

I searched all over Instagram for my favorite New Year’s Eve Nails! Everything from short natural nails with gel polish to long sculpted stiletto, almond, and coffin nails. There’s a New Year’s Eve nail look for everyone! Β Let me know what you think!

Pink and Gold

Nails by Kimmie Monson

I love this natural look! Pink gel polish with gold half moons…so pretty and perfect for 2016! You could switch it up with purple or white or both too!

White Stilleto

White nails are always on point!

Es Nail LA always does …

3D Cable Knit Sweater Nail Art Tutorial

Sculpted Acrylic Nails

I began forming Katie’s nail beds out with a short coffin shaped sculpted acrylic nail with Creative Nail Design Retention Acrylic. I need to get better at applying my forms and working with a dryer bead…but I love sculpting more so than using tips these days. Tips take so long to glue on and then you have to go back and file and shape and it’s just so messy and takes so much longer than simply attaching a form and applying the acrylic right away! It takes …

Christmas Nail Art! And a recap of my first week back to work!

Oh my goodness do I love Christmas nails! I’m sad I didn’t go back to work sooner just so I could do more Christmas nail art. I keep debating about ordering some cute Christmas art supplies but by the time it gets here I feel like Christmas is going to be over. πŸ™ Thank goodness for Amazon Prime right!?!?

I’ve been pretty busy at work this week…my first official week back since I left almost three years ago. And I am so grateful for everyone who gives me business! I seriously …

Young Nails Sculpted Gel Nails

I did these nails for my sister the day before Thanksgiving. She came to town with her cute kids and crashed at our house. I did her little girls nails for her birthday and then decided I’d better practice sculpting a full set since I’m going back to the salon. 

I don’t do a lot of hard gel at home, mostly gel polish on natural nails. But I know I’ll get a lot of hard gel clients when I go back to work. Hard gel is so much more durable than …

Open For Business!

I’m excited to announce I will be going back to work starting next week!  I’ve been agonizing about where to work but decided Studio 359 is the place for me, which is where I worked for several years before. It’s a great salon filled with amazing people in a great location right downtown in St. George, Utah. 

I will be offering the following services:

30 Minute Pedicure-$25
50 Minute Pedicure-$35
Gel Polish-$20+
Gel Overlay-$35
Gel and Acrylic Extensions-$40+
Gel and Acrylic Fill-$30+
Gel Toes-$20+
Buff and Polish-$15
Nail Art-$5+

*all prices and services are subject to change without notice. 

I will be using …

Even nail biters can have pretty nails!

This is a common question/problem I see a lot on nail forums…what do I do with a nail biter? My poor friend Kendra is always my model for this problem but I just want her to know I was once a biter and I don’t judge. πŸ™‚

I usually do acrylic on Kendra mainly because I don’t trust gel with length and we usually do a longer nail on Kendra. But I told her acrylic fumes are no bueno right now with my pregnancy so she said, “Just make my nails …

Happy Spring!

My Favorite Weather is Bird Chirping Weather

all the reasons I love spring!

I love pastel and gold so I combined them on my nails…and I love them combined…perfect for the perfect spring weather we are having!

Colors used are Gelish Need a Tan, OPI You’re Such a Budabest, OPI Bubble Bath, Gelish Seafoam, Gelish Golden Treasure, and Essie Good As Gold for the stamp.

I have been using Axxium by OPI hard gel as the base for my mani’s and I really love it. I have used a lot …

$3 Gel Brush Set Review

An Amazing Gel/Acrylic/Nail Art Brush Set For Under $3!

These brushes are from my Shop and I cannot believe how amazing they are! What’s even better is they are only $2.37 for all three! I was curious to find out if an “el cheapo” brush set could compare to the more expensive brushes I have used in the past. I am happy to report in this case the cheaper product is better!

For $2.37 + free shipping you get all 3 brushes!

The Good Deets

I originally ordered them for creating 3D …

Gel Polish At Home–Everything You Need To Get Started

I just wanted to put a post together with all the necessary products to get started doing your own gel polish at home. It’s not necessary to spend a ton of money but I do feel like there are certain things you don’t want to skip.

I know a lot of company’s are coming out with very affordable LED lights and that’s great. I have one listed on my shop. But I truly believe you get a better cure with a UV light. I used Gelish’s LED light for a …