Open For Business!

I’m excited to announce I will be going back to work starting next week!  I’ve been agonizing about where to work but decided Studio 359 is the place for me, which is where I worked for several years before. It’s a great salon filled with amazing people in a great location right downtown in St. George, Utah. 

I will be offering the following services:

30 Minute Pedicure-$25
50 Minute Pedicure-$35
Gel Polish-$20+
Gel Overlay-$35
Gel and Acrylic Extensions-$40+
Gel and Acrylic Fill-$30+
Gel Toes-$20+
Buff and Polish-$15
Nail Art-$5+

*all prices and services are subject to change without notice. 

I will be using …

50 Shades of Grey Nails and Nailart

Yes, I’ve read the books. I’m not ashamed. I liked them too! By the third one I was skipping past all the naughty parts because I reached a point where I was more interested in the story, which didn’t reel me in like a really well written book does but I thought it was entertaining! And I think it would be fun to do a themed mani so I put together a few ideas for you…

I love this collection from OPI–a few grey’s, a sparkly grey, and of course a …

Baby Love!

My beautiful baby Oliver is now six weeks old so I suppose my maternity leave is over…time to get back to blogging! 🙂

Here is my sweet boy at six weeks…smiling and laughing all day long! 🙂

I’ve actually sat down to write an update several times in the last six weeks and each time I do a tiny human being needs me NOW. As a matter of fact, he is calling my name this very instant…

Six Hours Later…

I’m back and hopefully can finish this post!

Everything is going great with …

Cinco de Mayo Nails!

I have to be completely honest…I Googled Cinco de Mayo because I wasn’t quite sure if it was definitely Mexico’s Independence Day or not. Here is the definition Wikipedia so kindly generated…

“Cinco de Mayo (Spanish for “fifth of May”) is a celebration held on May 5. It is celebrated in the United States[1] and in Mexico, primarily in the state of Puebla, where the holiday is called El Día de la Batalla de Puebla (English: The Day of the Battle of Puebla).
It originated with Mexican-American communities in the American West …

Live.Love.Carnaval Spring Nail Art with tutorial

I saw this idea on BioSculpture’s Facebook page and loved it! Luckily, my friend Tennille was game with letting me try it out on her yesterday!

We used OPI GelColor Live.Love.Caranaval which is so fabulous! It’s not quite as bright and fluorescent looking in real life. Kind of in between Cajun Shrimp and My Chihuahua Bites. I absolutely LOVE it though! It applies perfectly too–I did three coats on Tennille which is what I usually do with all my gel polishes so I was totally happy with the results.

Spring Floral Pattern

For …

Fing’rs Heart2Art Collection at Walmart

Strolling through Walmart yesterday I came across an awesome assortment of nail art paraphanelia, I believe in the jewelery aisle, and stocked up on some adorable International Themed decals, some quirky Love Note tattoos, and three rolls of striping tape! Woohoo! Oh, I also grabbed two stamping plates that have a love note stamp I’ve wanted for a long time! I also needed a new stamping scraper and stamper so I felt like it was totally justified. 🙂

These are also the final version of my vacation nails–I decided …

Tabeso nails!

These were a labor of love. The ring finger took me a good half hour 🙂 but anything for Tabeso 🙂

I am doing a nailart challenge on Instagram and the challenge today was match your nails to your outfit. I wore my Tabeso shirt for my sons Relay For Life walkathon at his school and realized it was about time I did some Tabeso nails! The Walkathon was fun even though my son ditched me. That’s ok, he had fun running with his classmates while I walked and enjoyed the …

Alpine Snow By OPI GelColor French Ombre

These beautiful nails belong to my beautiful friend Dena who just got home from Hawaii :-))) lucky girl!

We use gel push on her and she usually gets at least four weeks wear time–she has THE best nails EVER!

I applied a base coat, cured it, then painted a generous amount of Alpine Snow on all five finger tips. I then sponged off around the nail bed with a makeup sponge and cured two minutes. I repeated another coat of alpine snow, cured, and then sponged in a generous coat …

Funky Vintage Nail Art—Gelish and Gelcolor

Funky Vintage Nail Art using soak off gel polish

Studs, glitter, stripes, dots, flowers, leopard=fun!

Tutorial-Funky Vintage Nail Art

These nails turned out super fun! We started with a Brisa Lite base coat and smoothing gel application followed by three color coats of Gelish Seafoam, Gelish Princess Tiara, and Gelish Candyland Yellow with Opi Alpine Snow on the ring and thumbs. The pinky and pointer finger have a coat of Gelish Champagne as well to add a vintage flair. I hand painted all the designs starting with the flowers. …

Tutorial for China Glaze Tart-y For The Party with Grey Ombre and Leopard Spots Nail Art

I’ve been dying to use this new color from China Glaze’s Avant Garde Collection–a pretty lavender color called Tart-y For the Party. I asked my friend/hand model/cutest girl ever Ashely if I could paint her nails again and thank goodness she agreed 🙂 For this look I used: OPI Base Coat China Glaze Tart-y For the Party (Lavender) China Glaze Dandy Lyin’ Around (Shimmery White) China Glaze Recycle (Medium Grey) OPI Nein! Nein! Nein! Ok Fine! (Dark Grey) Layla Ceramic Effects CL25 (Silver Sparkle) OPI Suzi and the 7 Dusseldorfs …