Fing’rs Heart2Art Collection at Walmart

Fing'rs Heart2Art Decals, Tattoos, and Decals

Strolling through Walmart yesterday I came across an awesome assortment of nail art paraphanelia, I believe in the jewelery aisle, and stocked up on some adorable International Themed decals, some quirky Love Note tattoos, and three rolls of striping tape! Woohoo! Oh, I also grabbed two stamping plates that have a love note stamp I’ve wanted for a long time! I also needed a new stamping scraper and stamper so I felt like it was totally justified. 🙂

These are also the final version of my vacation nails–I decided to do plain and simple. I get tired of seeing a dark, bold color after a few days. Light pink is the only thing that doesn’t drive me crazy for longer than a week. I used Gelish Light Elegance with Ambience with June Bride. I’m not sure it was necessary to do all three colors but I love the final result! They are going to go great with the ocean waves and wine glasses! 🙂

Everyone have a great week and I’ll try to keep you updated on the Central Coast!


by Anna

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