Coachella Nails

My friend Tennille is heading to Coachella this weekend and I know she is going to have so much fun! We’ve been planning her nails for a while now…and this is actually not what we had planned but I had to improvise last minute. I’m glad we did because I like this better!

We were going to use my Pastel Gargantuan Green Grape GelColor and I actually applied all the color, 3-4 coats on each nail, and then went to do the top coat and realized it hadn’t cured hardly AT …

Live.Love.Carnaval Spring Nail Art with tutorial

I saw this idea on BioSculpture’s Facebook page and loved it! Luckily, my friend Tennille was game with letting me try it out on her yesterday!

We used OPI GelColor Live.Love.Caranaval which is so fabulous! It’s not quite as bright and fluorescent looking in real life. Kind of in between Cajun Shrimp and My Chihuahua Bites. I absolutely LOVE it though! It applies perfectly too–I did three coats on Tennille which is what I usually do with all my gel polishes so I was totally happy with the results.

Spring Floral Pattern

For …