The Best Fall Nail Art of 2019

fall nail art

I am DYING over all the gorgeous fall nail art being created right now! I have to laugh because fall nails have come so far in the last ten years! A decade ago, fall nail art was all about pumpkins and falling leaves. Very “cutesy” type nail art. I remember those days well. I was a PRO at embedding nail stickers in gel over glitter acrylic and gel tips! I am so happy we’ve transitioned to a much more stylish fall nail art and I wanted to share some of my favorite designs I’ve seen this season from some amazing world wide nail artists. And if you are sporting embedded pumpkin stickers on your flare glitter tips, rock on!

Tortoise Fall Nail Art

Tortoise nail art isn’t necessarily fall nail art…nail techs have been slaying this trend all year long. But it’s just THE perfect look to compliment the cooler temps and warmer hues during the autumn season. Side note: I attempted tortoise nails on my mom a few months ago and failed (I renamed them “abstract nails”) and I’m dying to try them again, possibly on myself, possibly on a model. If you read this and live in the St. George area, leave a comment and you might just get a chance to play nail model for the day!

Here are my favorite tortoise fall nail art sets on the internet right now!

Just think how cute any of these designs would be with a deep plum, navy, mustard, or mauve color! Which leads me to my next favorite fall nail art idea…multi-colored manis!

Multi-Colored Fall Nails

Multi-colored mani’s have been around for a long time! They are relevant any season…but the mani’s with all the fall colors really get me! It’s so perfect if you can’t choose just one color…and how cute would it be to do a tortoise shell accent nail too!

Here are some polishes that would look sooooo good together if you are looking for a few quick combos! Click on either gel polish set to purchase on Amazon.

Cheetah Nail Art Ideas

Cheetah nail art is probably my favorite style ever! It’s such a timeless look…I’ve seen people from all ages and walks of life rocking cheetah print for over a decade now. The style and look has definitely evolved but the trend remains the same. Cheetah is a design that can be worn all year long with so many different color schemes, but I particularly love it during the fall in the natural cheetah tones.

Cheetah is so easy to draw, but if you struggle, a cheetah stamp is a great option! I actually kind of prefer the stamp…it just looks so perfect every time and you can bling it out with some deco glitter or color easy enough. Here’s a link to a good stamp option on Amazon for under $4!

Sweater Nails

Would it be ok to wear sweater nails all year long? Asking for a friend…

Sweater nail art is fairly easy once you find the right products and technique. I personally like a matte look best, but it looks cute glossy too. Just check out these adorable designs and tell me you don’t love sweater nails?!?

Give Me All The Fall Nails!

Wouldn’t it look cute to do a little bit of everything on one mani?! Let’s try it! Leave a comment with your favorite look and I’ll choose someone for a full on fall mani!

I hope everyone is loving fall as much as we are!



by Anna

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