Baby Love!

My beautiful baby Oliver is now six weeks old so I suppose my maternity leave is over…time to get back to blogging! 🙂

Here is my sweet boy at six weeks…smiling and laughing all day long! 🙂

I’ve actually sat down to write an update several times in the last six weeks and each time I do a tiny human being needs me NOW. As a matter of fact, he is calling my name this very instant…

Six Hours Later…

I’m back and hopefully can finish this post!

Everything is going great with …

My first YouTube video! Short but sweet :)

Hi everyone!

My little sister stayed at our house last night with her three kids and I always love having them! She wanted her nails done and I needed to give her a Christmas gift so we killed two birds with one stone. 🙂 Here is my cute sister 🙂

She lives 90 minutes away, across the “blue hills” as my son calls them, in Pioche, Nevada. She comes to St. George quit often though so we are going to try to keep up on her fancy nails.

We sculpted a …

Lincoln Park After Dark GelColor with gold Aztec designs

Happy Monday!

It was Tennille’s turn to get her nails done today 🙂 I hope she’s not getting sick of Lincoln Park cause we’ve used it the last three times….

I love how LPAD applies in GelColor. I flooded a couple nails today and it was taking me forever to get it off the cuticles but usually it goes on flawlessly!

I did three coats of color then wiped off the sticky layer with alcohol and hand painted the gold designs with Essie Good As Gold. These would be super cute with …