Lincoln Park After Dark GelColor with gold Aztec designs

Happy Monday!

It was Tennille’s turn to get her nails done today 🙂 I hope she’s not getting sick of Lincoln Park cause we’ve used it the last three times….

I love how LPAD applies in GelColor. I flooded a couple nails today and it was taking me forever to get it off the cuticles but usually it goes on flawlessly!

I did three coats of color then wiped off the sticky layer with alcohol and hand painted the gold designs with Essie Good As Gold. These would be super cute with …

Aztec Fall

I have been wanting to do some Aztec nails for a while and luckily my friend Jess was down with the idea when she came over for her nail appointment yesterday! I love how they turned out! I think this is a great look for transitioning into fall…we incorporated mint, grey, and coral…one of my favorite color schemes.

I know I say this every time…but I think these are my favorite nails I’ve ever done! It’s Jess’ birthday this weekend and she’s running the St. George Marathon next weekend so these …