My first YouTube video! Short but sweet :)

Hi everyone!

My little sister stayed at our house last night with her three kids and I always love having them! She wanted her nails done and I needed to give her a Christmas gift so we killed two birds with one stone. 🙂 Here is my cute sister 🙂


She lives 90 minutes away, across the “blue hills” as my son calls them, in Pioche, Nevada. She comes to St. George quit often though so we are going to try to keep up on her fancy nails.

We sculpted a longer tip with acrylic (I like CND Retention Pure Pink) and then I did all the nail art with gel polish. I’ve found that I prefer to do a basic clear overlay on my clients and then do all the art and designs with gel polish because it’s so easy to remove when it’s time for a backfill. Check them out! Aren’t they cute?!? I think this is a great look for New Year’s! 🙂

I love this look for New Year's!

I love this look for New Year’s!

My sister could be a hand model! Her fingers are long and skinny (like the rest of her body!) and she has near perfect nail beds. :)

My sister could be a hand model! Her fingers are long and skinny (like the rest of her body!) and she has near perfect nail beds. 🙂

When I sculpt, my number one goal is to keep the nails thin and natural looking. Sometimes if a client is really hard on her nails, I will do a slightly thicker free edge to ensure durability or if someone requests thick flared tips I can do that but for the most part I’ve found everyone likes a more natural look. Would you agree? 🙂 Also, I really wanted a pretty gold metallic polish for the V-shaped French tip but I don’t have a gel polish that fits the bill so I used CND Vinylux Locket Love, made sure it dried really well, and then applied the Gelish Black Shadow edge. I did two OPI GelColor top coats over the entire nail to make sure everything stays put for a couple weeks. I wouldn’t do a gel polish top coat over an entire nail of regular polish but I felt safe doing it over a smaller area.

Anyway, check out my videos and let me know what you think! I hope I helped a little bit with stamping problems or sculpting problems. 🙂

I know I’ve got A LONG ways to go on my video career but it needed to happen and I needed to quit putting it off…so I promise they will get better…and I will quit talking through my nose!

Here is a ultra glamorous outfit from Polyvore I thought could go quite well with this look…isn’t that dress and shoes to die for?!? My little sister would look amazing in this…she could wear it to the Overland in Pioche on New Year’s…it would be perfect :)))

New Year's Celebration

Thanks so much for visiting my site! You probably won’t hear from me again till Friday as I plan on taking Christmas off. 🙂 So Merry Christmas!!!! I hope you get to spend the holidays with your loved ones!


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