Las Vegas New Year’s “I want to go on a tropical vacation” Nails PLUS my third YouTube Video!

We are going to Las Vegas soon so I couldn’t wait to get my Christmas tree down off my nails (check them out here) and put some FUN nails on that would be inspiring for a New Year and make me think of a white sandy beach and turquoise blue waters! I keep seeing pictures on Instagram of a few lucky souls who are going to Hawaii, the Caribbean, or even my dream vacation The Maldives like Aaron and Lauren Paul did for Christmas. They seem like such a cute …

My first YouTube video! Short but sweet :)

Hi everyone!

My little sister stayed at our house last night with her three kids and I always love having them! She wanted her nails done and I needed to give her a Christmas gift so we killed two birds with one stone. 🙂 Here is my cute sister 🙂

She lives 90 minutes away, across the “blue hills” as my son calls them, in Pioche, Nevada. She comes to St. George quit often though so we are going to try to keep up on her fancy nails.

We sculpted a …