Darwin. Evolution. Travel. Nails.

A Few Thoughts on Evolution, Adapting, Traveling, and Nails

My friend Jessica, who is also my lash girl and I’m her nail girl, is going on the trip of a lifetime this week to the Galapagos Islands. Not only is she going to the Galapagos, she is going with National Geographic.

If one ever gets the chance to go to the Galapagos, one should go with National Geographic. 🙂

I tried to talk her into the whole turtle/wildlife mani motif…but being the uber stylish hip girl that she is, she opted for a …

Las Vegas New Year’s “I want to go on a tropical vacation” Nails PLUS my third YouTube Video!

We are going to Las Vegas soon so I couldn’t wait to get my Christmas tree down off my nails (check them out here) and put some FUN nails on that would be inspiring for a New Year and make me think of a white sandy beach and turquoise blue waters! I keep seeing pictures on Instagram of a few lucky souls who are going to Hawaii, the Caribbean, or even my dream vacation The Maldives like Aaron and Lauren Paul did for Christmas. They seem like such a cute …

NYC Nails!

My buddy is going on a sisters trip to New York City this weekend and I gotta admit I was really nervous about getting her nails just right! The Big Apple is a Big Deal! 🙂

I love what we came up with though…simple and chic…

We used CND Brisa Lite Smoothing Gel to add strength and then topped it off with 3-4 coats of Gelish Plum and Done. I hand painted the silver chevron stripes with CND Shellac Silver Chrome. I think it would have been super cute to do gray …

How I Became A Nail Tech & A Vinylux Summer Brights Kit Giveaway!!

Vinylux Summer Brights Kit Giveaway!

Enter to win this awesome kit!

First things first! I’m doing another giveaway! Another Vinylux Summer Brights Kit. To enter, you just need to comment below in the comments section and tell me a favorite summer memory–you can enter once a day too if you’d like so write back each day with a new summer memory. I’ll start it off 🙂

Here are a few rules:

1. Contest ends June 14-Flag Day!

2. I’ll ship anywhere, but won’t guarentee a safe arrival of the product.

3. You can …

My Swimsuit Wish List–And The Perfect Polish To Go With The Perfect Swimsuit!

Swimsuit season is upon us here in sunny southern Utah. I’ve always loved summer time, but in years past, I would dread any occasion where a swimsuit would be the appropriate dress code. Which happens a lot for my family because our in-laws have an amazing pool and backyard and my little boy loves spending time at the Washington Rec Center.

Westin’s favorite place in the world–the Washington Rec Center

I’ve been asking myself a lot lately why this swimsuit season is so different than others and I think there …

Happy President’s Day!

Westin and his cousin Dylan resting on a branch along Chuckawalla

Dylan posing–she is so funny!

All the kids and my sister resting on a table rock enjoying a few Paleo snacks

My son has the cutest cheese face 🙂 Here he is resting on the giant table rock in his Christmas socks….

Anna Williams-elite trail runner…….someday………Chuckawalla is AMAZING!

We had a great day today! The weather is absolutely gorgeous here in Southern Utah. I think it was around 61 degrees. Amazing!

My sister and I took the kids up to …