Flowers, Gardens, Bulbs, 70 degrees….Spring Is On The Way!!!

Hello everyone! We’ve had an absolutely gorgeous weekend here in St. George! It was over 70 and sunny all day yesterday. I am so sorry if it’s cold and miserable where you’re at. I feel for you. But I know deep down in my heart…spring is on the way! 🙂

There are few things in life that make me happier than planting flowers. I’ve been scouring Lowe’s for weeks waiting for them to get just a few flowers in stock. After my son’s Valentines Day party on Friday, I was finally …

Happy President’s Day!

Westin and his cousin Dylan resting on a branch along Chuckawalla

Dylan posing–she is so funny!

All the kids and my sister resting on a table rock enjoying a few Paleo snacks

My son has the cutest cheese face 🙂 Here he is resting on the giant table rock in his Christmas socks….

Anna Williams-elite trail runner…….someday………Chuckawalla is AMAZING!

We had a great day today! The weather is absolutely gorgeous here in Southern Utah. I think it was around 61 degrees. Amazing!

My sister and I took the kids up to …