Here’s to 2016!

Like so many of my friends, I love the New Year! It’s a fresh start, new beginnings, and taking down all the Christmas sh$! that’s been up for over a month! Whew! But seriously, I am really excited about this New Year and want to make a toast…here’s to 2016!!!!

I’m not a huge fan of resolutions, but I would really love to see a few things cross my path in 2016 such as…

Attend a Beauty Show Convention

I’ve been a licensed nail tech now for over 6 years at least and …

Nautical Chic Nails

Keep Calm and Cruise

In the past month I have done nails heading to some amazing places! I am so jealous! But so happy my friends are seeing the world!

My beautiful friend April is going on a Mexican Riviera Cruise this weekend and needed appropriate nails for her adventure. Everyone say a prayer her ship won’t sink–she’s kinda nervous. 🙂

April is probably one of THE most fashionable people I know so I always look forward to seeing what she’s craving for her fingertips.

She was leaning towards a nautical themed nail …

Darwin. Evolution. Travel. Nails.

A Few Thoughts on Evolution, Adapting, Traveling, and Nails

My friend Jessica, who is also my lash girl and I’m her nail girl, is going on the trip of a lifetime this week to the Galapagos Islands. Not only is she going to the Galapagos, she is going with National Geographic.

If one ever gets the chance to go to the Galapagos, one should go with National Geographic. 🙂

I tried to talk her into the whole turtle/wildlife mani motif…but being the uber stylish hip girl that she is, she opted for a …

Luxury Spa Destinations In Our Backyard

I promise I will have some fun nail designs to show you by the end of the week but I got a little bit of inspiration to talk about one of my other favorite topics today…TRAVELING! 🙂

When I think of vacationing, I usually almost always think of a white sandy beach and turquoise waters. This topic might not apply to everyone today, but for those of my readers who live in Southwestern Utah, do you know how lucky we are to have AMAZING world class spa resorts all within a …