Pedicures: what matters most?

how to get the perfect pedicure

I’m curious, what do you look for in a pedicure? Is it a big, fancy, jetted pedicure basin with massage chair? Is it a serene spa environment? Is it a nail tech who takes their time and communicates really well and focuses on the areas you are particular about? I would have clients talk about the best pedicure they’ve ever gotten quite frequently. I believe it is an elusive experience to find the perfect pedicure, but here is what matters most to me when I get a pedicure.

Here’s my top …

The World’s Most Expensive Pedicure

I read this article on Yahoo News over the weekend and the wheels have been spinning in my head ever since….

The World’s Most Expensive Pedicure

I keep asking myself these questions:

1. Would I spend that much on a pedi even if I was the Queen of England?
2. How could I ever charge a client that much for a pedi? What would I need to offer to justify that price?
3. Does Emu Oil really work that great?
4. Who is this Margaret Dabbs lady?

I have come to this conclusion.

I don’t know if I …

Luxury Spa Destinations In Our Backyard

I promise I will have some fun nail designs to show you by the end of the week but I got a little bit of inspiration to talk about one of my other favorite topics today…TRAVELING! 🙂

When I think of vacationing, I usually almost always think of a white sandy beach and turquoise waters. This topic might not apply to everyone today, but for those of my readers who live in Southwestern Utah, do you know how lucky we are to have AMAZING world class spa resorts all within a …

Chic Salon Styles–Dreamy Salons and Spas

What makes a great nail salon or spa? I think about this question a lot. The salon of my dreams would be ultra clean and bright with tons of natural lighting as well as bright overhead lights. The nail tables would be unique and modern and the pedicure area would be so comfortable clients would have a hard time staying awake. I would offer my guests refreshing treats and showcase live music occasionally. I don’t have plans in the near future to open a salon just in case anyone was …