Hello Summer!

Hi Everyone!

Summer is here and it is rocking! The Beauty Lab is staying busy and we have had an awesome first month! I just wanted to do a quick update to let everyone know what is going on with my summer schedule.

First off, I will be taking off the week of July 18-23 to go on a little vacation with my family. Oh! I’m also going to IBS in Las Vegas at the end of this month, June, with my co-workers and I am so excited about this! I’m also …

Gelish Colors of Paradise Collection Available Here!

These colors are amazing! The blue and purple are probably the funnest shades I’ve seen yet from the color scheme! The other colors are super bright and neon and perfect for summer! Gelish recommends putting an Artic Freeze base coat under the colors to enhance the brightness and coverage which I believe is a great idea…I do this frequently and it’s worth the extra time and energy.

Gelish Colors of Paradise Collection

Neon Summer!

I seriously never thought the “Neon 90’s” would ever come back in style…but I was oh so wrong! They are back and better than ever! I LOVE all the neon color schemes going on these days. It’s perfectly acceptable to sport bright neons in your outfits, nails, makeup…I’ve even seen some really cute home decor neon themes!

Here’s to a bright, fun, neon summer! Enjoy!

Little Bits of NEON by OPI

Essie 2014 Neon Set

China Glaze Gelaze Neon Gel Polish

China Glaze Gelaze offers so many amazing neon colors to choose from!

Gelish All About …

I am in love with this look!

Well it turns out the peacock water transfer nail tattoos are really popular! I’ve been doing them a lot lately and so far mainly with a coral/pink color. Which I love!

I should clarify what I mean by “doing them a lot” because that could be misleading. I think I might have six regular “clients” that I do steadily. I wish I could work more but right now my life doesn’t really allow for that. I need to do a contest for more nail giveaways so that I can meet more …

The Best Yellow Nail Polish Hands Down!

Bicycle Yellow by Creative Nail Design–the best yellow nail polish!

I have been searching for a great yellow nail polish for quite some time. I love OPI Need Sunglasses and the It Color but they just didn’t quite measure up to the perfect shade of yellow in my opinion. When I saw that Creative Nail Design (CND) was releasing a yellow in the new Vinylux collection I was super excited to try it. And as you can see, it’s gorgeous! It’s a creamy, slightly shimmery yellow that was almost opaque in …

My Swimsuit Wish List–And The Perfect Polish To Go With The Perfect Swimsuit!

Swimsuit season is upon us here in sunny southern Utah. I’ve always loved summer time, but in years past, I would dread any occasion where a swimsuit would be the appropriate dress code. Which happens a lot for my family because our in-laws have an amazing pool and backyard and my little boy loves spending time at the Washington Rec Center.

Westin’s favorite place in the world–the Washington Rec Center

I’ve been asking myself a lot lately why this swimsuit season is so different than others and I think there …