My Swimsuit Wish List–And The Perfect Polish To Go With The Perfect Swimsuit!

Swimsuit season is upon us here in sunny southern Utah. I’ve always loved summer time, but in years past, I would dread any occasion where a swimsuit would be the appropriate dress code. Which happens a lot for my family because our in-laws have an amazing pool and backyard and my little boy loves spending time at the Washington Rec Center.

Westin's favorite place in the world--the Washington Rec Center

Westin’s favorite place in the world–the Washington Rec Center

I’ve been asking myself a lot lately why this swimsuit season is so different than others and I think there are several reasons…

1. I am not working (outside the home!) and am able to stay home with Westin and hopefully fill this summer with tons of fun memories and experiences. I don’t know why this makes the thought of getting in a swimsuit more enjoyable, but it does. I know, it also doesn’t make a whole lot of sense 🙂

2. I am not afraid of the sun. Read my blog post here to find out why. Being that I’m not afraid of the sun anymore, I am able to tan. When I am able to tan, I am also able to look ten pounds thinner because it’s a fact that a tan person looks thinner than a pasty white person. 🙂

3. I might possibly be coming to terms with my body. It doesn’t hurt that curves are “in style” nowadays. Also, I work really, really, really hard at Crossfit and I guess I don’t look totally gross. And after being super motivated by ChickenTuna (ChickenTuna blog link) I am going to work really, really, really hard on eating as healthy as possible all summer long. It’ll be a lot of fun to find healthy summer snacks to munch on while hanging out by the pool! 🙂

4. There are soooooo many adorable, cute, fun swimsuits available now that are also so figure flattering! Which brings me to the whole purpose of this post!

Here is my swimming suit wish list!

I’ve included all price categories in my swimming suit wish list. I normally don’t spend a lot of money on a swimsuit, but I might splurge this year since I plan to spend a fair amount of time in it! I’ve spent a lot of time online looking at suits and Dillards actually has a great swimsuit selection! I love that I can return it to the store as well if I don’t like the way it fits. Also, all of my choices are in the 1-piece category because I have the tendency to get horrible stretch marks any time I gain weight…and I gained a lot of weight when I was pregnant. Besides, I wouldn’t want to be like this mom…

Really!?! Sorry for posting but I couldn't resist!

Really!?! Sorry for posting but I couldn’t resist! This picture cracks me up…but if I get enough complaints I promise to take it down! 🙂

Betsy Johnson Beauty Mark Swimdress

I love this Betsy Johnson swimsuit! It is priced at $148 on Dillards website. I would wear For Audrey by China Glaze on my nails if I had this suit. 🙂 A French Manicure would be pretty as well.

Betsy Johnson Beauty Mark Floral Print Swimdress--click to buy at Dillards

Betsy Johnson Beauty Mark Floral Print Swimdress–click to buy at Dillards

My all time favorite color-For Audrey by China Glaze.

My all time favorite color-For Audrey by China Glaze.

Coco Rave Practical Magic Swimdress

Coco Rave has adorable swimsuits! I love these two styles. They are both priced at $94 on Dillards website, although I think you might be able to score a great deal on eBay. If I buy either of these two suits (which are my top choices right now) I would end up getting the black color, which is great for pool/summer nail color options! Anything goes awesome with black! I would do a bright coral one week, bright pink the next, sophisticated nude after that….the possibilities are endless!

Coco Rave Practical Magic Swimdress--click to buy at Dillards

Coco Rave Practical Magic Swimdress–click to buy at Dillards

Coco Rave Practical Magic Ruffle Swimdress--click to buy at Dillards

Coco Rave Practical Magic Ruffle Swimdress–click to buy at Dillards

Victorias Secret Beach Sexy Swimsuits

These two suits are from Victorias Secret and they are adorable. I really, really, really want the crisscross back suit, but am nervous the ruched bum won’t have enough coverage. I love that it’s a full coverage front but super sexy as well. However, I am afraid I will cross the sexy line and just look downright trashy, like the unassuming mother pictured above. Do I order it and return if I don’t love it? What to do, what to do? They are both reasonably priced, under $60, which is a nice feature, and they both come in black. I am tempted to order one in black and one in turquoise though! I believe turquoise is the loveliest swimsuit shade of all the swimsuit shades to swim in…ever! 🙂 I also believe I would wear OPI My Chiahuahua Bites with the turquoise suit, possibly with a gold glitter fade. 🙂

Back view of Victoria's Secret Lace Up 1-Piece...define moderate coverage VS :)

Back view of Victoria’s Secret Lace Up 1-Piece…define moderate coverage VS 🙂

Victorias Secret Lace Up One Piece--click to buy at Victorias Secret

Victorias Secret Lace Up One Piece–click to buy at Victorias Secret

Victorias Secret Ruffle Pushup One Piece--Click to buy at Victorias Secret

Victorias Secret Ruffle Pushup One Piece–Click to buy at Victorias Secret

OPI My Chihuahua Bites

OPI My Chihuahua Bites

Target has great swimsuits as well!

This Clean Water swimdress is sold on for $39.99! You can’t beat the price and it’s absolutely adorable. It also comes in four different colors. I love this turquoise shade–it would look fabulous with a light pink nail polish such as Essie Luscious Lips.

Clean Water Swim Dress--Click to buy at Target

Clean Water Swim Dress–Click to buy at Target

Essie Luscious Lips

Essie Luscious Lips

I would LOVE to hear from my readers which swimsuit is your favorite! I love them all, but am leaning towards the Coco Rave or Victorias Secret suits. However, if I bought the Clean Water suit from Target I could maybe get two suits, or get a new maxi coverup as well. Descions, descions….

Whichever suit I decide on will be adorable and maybe I will even be so bold as to post a selfie in my new suit! After my tan is good and tan…everywhere…and I’ve been eating really well for a few weeks…and I’ve taken a shower and applied a lot of makeup…and my nails are freshly manicured…and I look decent enough to be on the world wide web in nothing more than a swimsuit! 🙂
Maybe I can even get my wonderful sisters to model their new swimsuits! (We are in a race to find the cutest suit! I think I’m winning…)

As always, thank you so much for reading! I hope you are enjoying your week!


by Anna

9 thoughts on “My Swimsuit Wish List–And The Perfect Polish To Go With The Perfect Swimsuit!

  1. Mary Russell says:

    Well, I was pretty nervous when I saw the first picture…same reaction as you. Are you SURE this is the mother? 🙂

    I love the coco rave swimdress from Dillards. Is it a dark cocoa color? Awesome! I think the clean water one from Target is cute too. BTW: Kohl’s has a lot of really cute ones, on sale. You ought to just stop by and check those out too. I got an adorable swim top that is longer than the average (I think Kira has one like that) that actually looks like a one-piece on. It is white with black polka dots and has a halter top, tie. It has strings on both side if you want to pull it up higher.

    Like you, Anna, I am dreading going out in a swim suit. Not only the pasty white body but the padding too. I am trying to get motivated to ride my bike again. Every day I think I am going to do it, something comes up and interferes with it. I want to finally buy my kayak, this should be great exercise for the arms and torso; the bike will exercise the bottom part. I love these two activities and really prefer combining exercising with “play”. I do want to drop by the Fitness Center off of River Road and join that too; swimming is another favorite thing for me. That would be a good, all-around workout. I also want to do some yoga and Pilates. I found, doing either of those, I discovered sore muscles I didn’t even know I had, all up and down my back! The back “ripples” on my new swim top are horrendous. At first I tried to smooth them out, I thought it was the fabric bunched up. Discover my horror when I realized those were actually me!

    I think one thing to gaining the body we want is to visualize ourselves that way. See it first and keep that vision in our mind’s eye. Then we just follow the route we take to get to it.

    I hope you will find the perfect suit that you feel comfortable in and can forget about how you look and just enjoy your summer with your little, and big, guys.

    That is your true beauty, you know. Your zest for life and the sunny disposition that shines out of you. Always has, always will.

    • Anna says:

      Oh mom you always know just what to say! :))))

      Your suit sounds really cute! Just remember that in one month we will be in Sedona and if you even just went walking up the hill behind your house once a day and cut out bread for a month you would see huge changes in your body. As we get older its really important to add resistance/weight training to our exercise routine for a lot of different reasons. Hiking will really strain your leg muscles and will make a big difference. I have some five pound weights you could have too if you wanted to do a few arm exercises. One month will fly by and a few little changes will dramatically improve your life! :))))

      You are beautiful though and always look cute in a swimsuit!

      Thank you so much for being my number one follower!!! :))) I’m really excited about my post on Friday featuring the best mom ever!!!! :)))


  2. Mary Russell says:

    Oh, BTW, I am not seeing too many choices in a swimsuit cover up. I looked at Kohl’s and saw two “so-so”. You know who has really cute, unique clothing…very weird, but Ben Franklin! I think I bought last year’s cover up there and it’s really cute! It is a thin, turquoise fabric. I want just a very simple, plain white cover up. Plan on spending LOTS of time in it at the Sedona Summit with my “little loves” and a good book! 🙂

  3. Mary Russell says:

    Yes…one month! How fun!
    I know that what you say is true….I know that every little change we incorporate into our life usually leads to big changes and even habits that grow into more changes. It is like a snowball rolling down a hill, it just keeps gathering momentum.
    I do need to tackle “the hill” again. Boy, on that one, I felt it in my buttocks and upper back thighs! Last time Harv went though, a huge pit bill came out and snarled at him and he had to stand between it and Roxie. I am really afraid to go up there. I’ve heard he lives there now. Nice, huh! Maybe I will buy some pepper spray first, not a bad idea for any unwelcome encounter.
    Thanks for your kind words, I do not look beautiful in a swimsuit that’s why I like to get in the water ASAP and have fun! haha
    Am excited to read your blog on the Mother’s Day Pedicure. That was a very special experience and I still smile at the extra things you did to make it so wonderful.

  4. Mary Russell says:

    OK: My hardest part is GETTING STARTED. With all the things I want to start doing. I keep saying, “Tomorrow”, I am going to eat right, ride my bike, etc.
    I wonder how to actually say, “Today”. ?????

    • Anna says:

      I would try to keep it simple. Just tell yourself you are going to walk around the block tonight. And only eat protein and veggies at dinner. Something really simple. And take it one day at a time. Baby steps 🙂 Maybe set a goal for tomorrow that you will go down to the gym and talk to a rep about getting a membership…set daily goals. I hope that helps!

  5. Mary Russell says:

    Thanks, Anna. Those suggestions DO help, a lot! I will go to the gymn and talk to them tomorrow. I DID ride my bike 6 miles today, as you know. That really opened up a stuck place for me and I hope to continue on with that everyday now till I’m back to at least 10. I did your suggestion of push-ups, lunges and sit-ups as well, very hard, and will keep up with that. Keep asking me for awhile if I did it, okay? I really need someone to prod me on for awhile.

  6. Mary Russell says:

    Oh, I made vege tacos for dinner tonight, saute’d onion, shredded carrots and sliced broccoli. Saute’d in coconut oil, on a corn tortilla. Is a corn tortilla a vege? Even so, it is probably full of GMO corn. I usually stay away from corn now, I know it’s not good for us. 🙂 So I ate partly good.

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