$3 Gel Brush Set Review

An Amazing Gel/Acrylic/Nail Art Brush Set For Under $3!

These brushes are from my Shop and I cannot believe how amazing they are! What’s even better is they are only $2.37 for all three! I was curious to find out if an “el cheapo” brush set could compare to the more expensive brushes I have used in the past. I am happy to report in this case the cheaper product is better!

For $2.37 you get all 3 brushes.

For $2.37 + free shipping you get all 3 brushes!

The Good Deets

I originally ordered them for creating 3D acrylic nail art, which the size 2 is perfect for. I eventually realized the size 6 is the best gel brush ever! I was using an OPI Axxium Gel Brush previously but I like the bigger size of the 6 because I am able to do almost the entire nail with one stroke. The brush bristles are very fine and smooth and apply the gel precisely where I want it. I like the tapered end as well…it allows me to get into the side walls and cuticle area with much better precision than the square OPI brush did.

Here are the brushes expanded to full size. 2, 6, & 8 are the sizes included in this set.

Here are the brushes expanded to full size. 2, 6, & 8 are the sizes included in this set.

I also use the size 2 to clean up my smile line on a gel polish French manicure and to manipulate glitter for nail art. I believe the size 8 would be perfect for acrylic nails but I have not used it for that purpose yet.

The Not So Good Deets

The only drawback to this brush set is it ships from China so it takes 3-4 weeks to get here. I didn’t mind at all because the price was so great. If you need them in a hurry though I would recommend going another route.

Link To Purchase

Let me know if you have any questions about these brushes or anything else in my shop! Thanks for reading!


by Anna

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