Even nail biters can have pretty nails!

This is a common question/problem I see a lot on nail forums…what do I do with a nail biter? My poor friend Kendra is always my model for this problem but I just want her to know I was once a biter and I don’t judge. 🙂

I usually do acrylic on Kendra mainly because I don’t trust gel with length and we usually do a longer nail on Kendra. But I told her acrylic fumes are no bueno right now with my pregnancy so she said, “Just make my nails look good! I don’t care what you do!” Ha ha 🙂

She’s going to Oklahoma for the National Circuit Rodeo this weekend–her husband qualified in the team roping event which is BIG deal. I know he’s going to do awesome!

This is what Kendra’s nails looked like to begin…

how to sculpt bitten short nails

I added a form and didn’t worry about getting it right up to her free edge. I applied OPI Axxium Soft Pink Sculpt Gel fairly thick and dragged it up just over the form. I also sprinkled acrylic powder over the wet gel before I cured to add more strength. I just about doubled the length of her nail bed by doing this. Some of the gel was placed on her skin but after it was done curing I simply separated the gel and skin. I then filed and shaped into a natural square.

I absolutely love Axxium Sculpt Gel! It is so hard and durable. I don’t love it when someone wants their nails thin because it is hard to self level if it is too thin but if she isn’t worried about a little bit thicker nail, Axxium is amazing.

OPI Axxium Soft Pink Sculpt Gel

I love how they turned out! This should be a good length for Kendra because she is a cowgirl herself and cowgirls and long nails usually don’t mix! 🙂

I hope she and her family has a ton of fun in Oklahoma and Tad wins big! Let me know if you have any questions about sculpting really short nails! Thanks for reading!


by Anna

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