Young Nails Sculpted Gel Nails

I did these nails for my sister the day before Thanksgiving. She came to town with her cute kids and crashed at our house. I did her little girls nails for her birthday and then decided I’d better practice sculpting a full set since I’m going back to the salon. 

I don’t do a lot of hard gel at home, mostly gel polish on natural nails. But I know I’ll get a lot of hard gel clients when I go back to work. Hard gel is so much more durable than …

Festive and Merry Nails!

I’ve had a fairly busy week and created some cute stuff! A major accomplishment being I did my own nails! I sculpted out a super short tip with hard gel which I was dreading but turned out not being too horrible 🙂

Anyway…here’s a few new photos for you!

And here’s a before and after of my new hands :)))

And the finished product!

All the colors and nailart are done with gelpolish. I used Axxium by OPI to sculpt my new set. I really like OPI hard gels but there are a few …