The Best Nail Polish Strips For Hands and Feet

best nail polish strips

I am absolutely in love with nail polish strips! They are so easy to apply, have ZERO dry time, come in 1000’s of colors and designs, and last for up to two weeks! And of course they last even longer on toes! Keep reading for my recommendations on the best nail polish strips!

The Best Toe Nail Polish Strips

You really can’t beat polish strips for your toes! I hate waiting for my polish to dry when I paint my toes and it seems like no fail I get a chip within …

Pedicures: what matters most?

how to get the perfect pedicure

I’m curious, what do you look for in a pedicure? Is it a big, fancy, jetted pedicure basin with massage chair? Is it a serene spa environment? Is it a nail tech who takes their time and communicates really well and focuses on the areas you are particular about? I would have clients talk about the best pedicure they’ve ever gotten quite frequently. I believe it is an elusive experience to find the perfect pedicure, but here is what matters most to me when I get a pedicure.

Here’s my top …

The World’s Most Expensive Pedicure

I read this article on Yahoo News over the weekend and the wheels have been spinning in my head ever since….

The World’s Most Expensive Pedicure

I keep asking myself these questions:

1. Would I spend that much on a pedi even if I was the Queen of England?
2. How could I ever charge a client that much for a pedi? What would I need to offer to justify that price?
3. Does Emu Oil really work that great?
4. Who is this Margaret Dabbs lady?

I have come to this conclusion.

I don’t know if I …

Get Your Feet Ready For Sandal Season!

I know other parts of the country are still in the throes of winter but just in case you think you might get a chance to wear sandals soon, I thought I would throw together a few tips to get your feet and toes looking pedi perfect!

Step 1–File Dry Skin

My favorite way to do an at home pedi is to start with dry feet, place a towel under your feet to catch the mess, and gently file away dry skin. This is my favorite foot file. It’s super cheap so …

Dashing Diva nail wraps are hot stuff!

Here is a pic of Allison’s Dashing Diva nail wraps on her tootsies 🙂 I love them! They last a good 3-4 weeks and are instantly dry so you can put your shoes on right away. They are similar to the very popular Minx nail wraps….which I am going to start carrying soon! I need advance notice with nail wraps in order to get the design you want btw 🙂

Hope you had a great Monday!

Six weeks of Shellac on the incredible Linda M.

I got to see and visit with one of my favorite people today while she got her feet pampered with a pedicure. This favorite person of mine is the one and only Linda M. She is married to another favorite person of mine, Scott M. Scott has yet to get his feet pampered with a pedicure though. 🙂

Linda came in six weeks ago for a pedicure and she was my first customer to try Shellac on her toes. So I was totally surprised and excited to see her Shellac …