The World’s Most Expensive Pedicure

I read this article on Yahoo News over the weekend and the wheels have been spinning in my head ever since….

The World’s Most Expensive Pedicure

I keep asking myself these questions:

1. Would I spend that much on a pedi even if I was the Queen of England?
2. How could I ever charge a client that much for a pedi? What would I need to offer to justify that price?
3. Does Emu Oil really work that great?
4. Who is this Margaret Dabbs lady?

I have come to this conclusion.

I don’t know if I …

Get Your Feet Ready For Sandal Season!

I know other parts of the country are still in the throes of winter but just in case you think you might get a chance to wear sandals soon, I thought I would throw together a few tips to get your feet and toes looking pedi perfect!

Step 1–File Dry Skin

My favorite way to do an at home pedi is to start with dry feet, place a towel under your feet to catch the mess, and gently file away dry skin. This is my favorite foot file. It’s super cheap so …