Get Your Feet Ready For Sandal Season!

I know other parts of the country are still in the throes of winter but just in case you think you might get a chance to wear sandals soon, I thought I would throw together a few tips to get your feet and toes looking pedi perfect!

Step 1–File Dry Skin

My favorite way to do an at home pedi is to start with dry feet, place a towel under your feet to catch the mess, and gently file away dry skin. This is my favorite foot file. It’s super cheap so …

Pregnancy and Nail care

Well the cats out of the bag now that Tennille and everyone at the salon knows so I guess I can tell the whole world now….that’s right…I’m pregnant! :-))))

My due date is around May 22 give or take…a week or two 🙂 I’m roughly three months along right now and this pregnancy is so different from my last. Or maybe it’s been so long (7.5 years!) that I just don’t remember.

One thing that’s similar this time though is my heightened sense of paranoia. I worry about EVERYTHING! Things like the …

Brisa Lite Smoothing Gel—I bought it and can’t wait to try it!

I can’t wait to try my new Brisa Lite Smoothing Gel! I was supposed to do my sister Mandy’s nails tonight but she passed up her chance for hot yoga….what gives???? 🙂

I’m really excited about the Brisa Lite system and am really crossing my fingers that it’ll perform as described. It claims that your gel polish will hold up for three weeks with the the new system. And the removal is supposed to be fairly easy.

So for professionals—you will use the new Brisa Lite base coat, cure, then the smoothing …