Six weeks of Shellac on the incredible Linda M.

I got to see and visit with one of my favorite people today while she got her feet pampered with a pedicure. This favorite person of mine is the one and only Linda M. She is married to another favorite person of mine, Scott M. Scott has yet to get his feet pampered with a pedicure though. 🙂

Linda came in six weeks ago for a pedicure and she was my first customer to try Shellac on her toes. So I was totally surprised and excited to see her Shellac still on there going strong after that long! We removed the old coral color and she decided to do the Shellac again, but this time in Fourth of July Red! I LOVED the results as much as she loves the durability and resiliency of this amazing product. I think I am going to steal her Fourth of July toes and dress them up with stars and stripes when I can get around to it! The best part about this particular pedicure was visiting with Linda–she has lived an extremely fascinating life and I could hear her stories all day long! I don’t know if she or Scott will ever read this, but I just want them to know I TREASURE their friendship and I am so grateful to have them in my life! Thanks for everything that you do you two! You are the best!

by Anna

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