The Best Purple Toning Shampoo For Blonde Hair

The Best Purple toning shampoo

the best purple toning shampoo for blonde hair

I am so THRILLED about this Framesi Dynaminc Blonde shampoo I found at the beauty supply store this morning! I am always on the hunt for the best purple toning shampoo for blonde hair and I think I found it! I’ve tried so many different purple shampoos and like them but wasn’t in love enough to be faithful…until I tried this one…

The Best Purple Toning Shampoo

Results From Framesi Dynamic Blonde Toning Shampoo

I noticed the biggest difference with the Framesi Dynamic Blonde Toning Shampoo versus other shampoo’s I’ve used is it didn’t lather that much. And it colored my hands more purple than any other shampoo has. When I put it on my hands I could tell the pigments were much more intense than any other purple toning shampoo so I only left it on my hair for about thirty seconds. I was working this morning at my model home real estate job and I was worried it might turn my hair purple! haha! It didn’t though so next time I am going to put it on my roots DRY and let it sit for a while to really sink in and tone and then wet my hair and work it down to my ends.

Awesome Purple Shampoo Youtube Video 

This girl nailed the DIY purple shampoo review! She didn’t use Framesi Dynamic Blonde but I love her dedication to finding the best purple toning shampoo! 🙂 I need to do this sometime to really test the best shampoo out there so be on the lookout for my own swatch tutorial!


Here’s another link to buy the Framesi Dynamic Blonde on Amazon:


If you try it out let me know what you think! And read more about my blonde hair life here!


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