Thank you!

I love New Years! I usually don’t set resolutions but this year I did…and one of them is to put some work into my blog! Because I have been slightly absent lately in case you didn’t notice! Honestly, I’m thrilled I remembered my login information!

On top of updating my blog, my other resolutions are to drink more water, sign my 8 year old up for music lessons, and train for a half marathon. What about you? Do you believe in resolutions? If so, what do you want to accomplish this year?

I wanted to thank everyone for continuing to support this little project of mine as a way to start off 2015. Thanks for pinning anything that you find inspiring and following me on Instagram and Facebook (even though I have been extremely quiet on social media!)

I love nails and beauty and social media and this blog and all of my readers!

Let’s make 2015 AMAZING!


by Anna

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