Sculpted Acrylic Nails–Reverse French Technique

As part of my New Year’s goals, I have been wanting to learn the reverse French technique for acrylic nails. It’s so much more effective in my opinion for several reasons:

Why the reverse French Method is amazing!

1. The quicker you apply pink to the nail bed after prepping the less lifting will occur.
2. You can create an extreme smile line with ease by tucking the pink down as far as you like on the sides.
3. When you apply the free edge color it doesn’t have to be perfect–you can file …

Fun Rodeo Nails! Before and after :)

My friend Kendra is headed up to Pendelton, Oregon for the world’s largest party…I mean rodeo! I’m so excited for her! She is going with her dad which I think is so awesome 🙂 She texted me and wanted some cute nails for the rodeo…I think we came up with a great combo for the big weekend!

I hope Kendra doesn’t mind me showing everyone this…but she’s a little bit of a nail biter…so we sculpt out her nail beds with acrylic for length. I then do the colors with gel …