Essie Fall 2013 Part 2—The Lace Is On and Cashmere Bathrobe and Giveaway!

The Lace is On and Cashmere Bathrobe

Here’s the second part in my Essie Fall 2013 swatch review 🙂 I saved the best for last!

Essie Cashmere Bathrobe

Essie Cashmere Bathrobe

Essie Cashmere Bathrobe with Good as Gold Houndstooth Stamp

Grey with Gold houndstooth stamp

Cashmere Bathrobe is an absolutely wonderful gray polish that I am in love with! It’s a stormy charcoal gray with the most subtle red sparkle. Imagine yourself wrapped in a soft gray cashmere robe sitting by a crackling fireplace on a crisp autumn night…that’s the best way I can describe this polish! 🙂

On a side note, this would be the perfect polish for Gelish JetSet gel polish if you are looking for a great matching lacquer. However, I love Cashmere Bathrobe with my next swatch, The Lace is On….

Essie The Lace Is On

Essie The Lace Is On

Essie The Lace Is On with Good As Gold Checker Stamp

Magenta with Gold nail art

I love all things lace…it’s so feminine and alluring and sexy! 🙂 And this gorgeous magenta polish is everything a polish named after lace should be…only better! It’ll go perfectly with the most romantic or the edgiest fall outfit. I threw this little ensemble together on Polyvore and just so ya know the outfit costs more than my hubby’s paycheck and both our cars combined. A girl can dream though! However, even if I could afford this outfit, I don’t know where I would wear it. Maybe to a show in Las Vegas? Better yet a show and an extremely fancy dinner in New York City? Yeah, that’s perfect…

Essie Fall 2013 The Lace Is On and Cashmere Bathrobe

Here’s a swatch roundup of all four colors featured in the Essie Fall 2013 Cube…I’m giving mine away to a lucky reader who pins the picture below to Pinterest and comment’s on this blog post! 🙂

Essie Fall 2013 Cube

If you go to the Polyvore link it will direct you to buy these two polishes I featured today. Below is a link to buy the Sample Cube or if you would like I can ship it to you if you have a Paypal account. 🙂

buy essie mini cube at Nordstrom's

Thank you so much for reading…I hope everyone has an amazing weekend! Here’s a little inspirational thought for the day 🙂

follow your bliss

Tootles, Tootles, Tootles–Anna

by Anna

4 thoughts on “Essie Fall 2013 Part 2—The Lace Is On and Cashmere Bathrobe and Giveaway!

    • Anna says:

      Yes it’s hard to remember to do it but I think as long as you keep a little remnant of it in the back of your mind eventually it’ll happen 🙂

  1. MK says:

    I was at the store today, trying to decide between these two. I went with The Lace is On, but I know I’ll be back to pick up Cashmere Bathrobe! They’re both such great colors!

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