Ecaille–The “New” Hair Trend

I’ve been seeing this article floating around the web. What do you think? I love this look, but it seems like a darker version of the popular “bronde” hair trend. My favorite stylist that I follow on Instagram, SemaConde Hair posts gorgeous hair all day every day that seems very similar to this technique…

Click on picture for link to SemaCondeHair on Instagram…she’s AMAZING.

What are your thoughts on Ecaille? I’m going to be getting my hair done hopefully soon and I can’t wait to post pics and show it …

50 Shades of Grey Nails and Nailart

Yes, I’ve read the books. I’m not ashamed. I liked them too! By the third one I was skipping past all the naughty parts because I reached a point where I was more interested in the story, which didn’t reel me in like a really well written book does but I thought it was entertaining! And I think it would be fun to do a themed mani so I put together a few ideas for you…

I love this collection from OPI–a few grey’s, a sparkly grey, and of course a …

Gelish Colors of Paradise Collection Available Here!

These colors are amazing! The blue and purple are probably the funnest shades I’ve seen yet from the color scheme! The other colors are super bright and neon and perfect for summer! Gelish recommends putting an Artic Freeze base coat under the colors to enhance the brightness and coverage which I believe is a great idea…I do this frequently and it’s worth the extra time and energy.

Gelish Colors of Paradise Collection

Neon Summer!

I seriously never thought the “Neon 90’s” would ever come back in style…but I was oh so wrong! They are back and better than ever! I LOVE all the neon color schemes going on these days. It’s perfectly acceptable to sport bright neons in your outfits, nails, makeup…I’ve even seen some really cute home decor neon themes!

Here’s to a bright, fun, neon summer! Enjoy!

Little Bits of NEON by OPI

Essie 2014 Neon Set

China Glaze Gelaze Neon Gel Polish

China Glaze Gelaze offers so many amazing neon colors to choose from!

Gelish All About …

My 5 Favorite Mom Swimsuits (and of course polishes to match!)

I love internet swimsuit shopping! I could browse Victoria’s Secret and Orchid Boutique Bikini for hours…which is so weird because wearing a swimsuit is not one of my favorite things to do. This summer is going to be especially interesting with a post baby body but I am going to try to have as much fun in my suit as possible and it’s always helpful if I’m wearing an utterly adorable suit. 🙂 Click on pics for information on how to buy any of these suits or polishes!

1. Becca by …

My Obsession With Mirabella Skin Tint Creme

I’m Obsessed!

I’ve written about this product before but I love it so much I figured I would tell you again…this time with before and after pics just so you can witness the miracle firsthand. 🙂

Here I am in all my un-made up glory…no makeup whatsoever except my lash extensions…

As you can see my skin has a ton of red in it. I think it is possibly slightly sun damaged. I always exfoliate my skin really well with either brown sugar or baking soda and then apply a …

Easter Basket Ideas

Can you believe Easter is only 12 days away! I remember going through my son’s calender back at the first of the year and marking off all his vacation days and thinking, “Easter Break is so far away!” I had just found out I was pregnant. Once we reached Easter I knew the baby was just right around the corner. This year has flown by!

How do you celebrate Easter? Do you have some fun plans in the making? We are going to go to my little sister’s house in Pioche …

Get Glowing!

It’s going to be over 80 and sunny next week in St. George! Which got me to thinking about spending a lot of time outdoors…which made me realize I am PASTY white…which reminded me about this awesome article I read on…which led me to ordering this amazing sunless tanner! As you can see the brand offers other great products to go along with the mousse!

DIY Root Touch Up For Ombre Hair

Ok, first off, I just have to say, I feel really guilty writing this article because I have so many friends in the salon industry and I do not in any way want to take business away from them. I have a lot of guilt for even coloring my own hair! I kept asking my sister (who usually does my hair and is a stylist), “Are you sure you don’t mind???” And she promised she didn’t. So I went with it. I was DESPERATE. My sister is in the process …

Exciting New Products! Alafia Coconut Lotion, Artistic Colour Gloss, CND Vinylux Paradise Collection


I just wanted to let everyone know about some new things I added to my shop I’m super excited about! I don’t want to mislead you–some of these products are not “new” but just new to my shop. 🙂

Alaffia Everyday Coconut Super Hydrating Body Lotion

This stuff is THE best! I’ve been putting it on my baby bump daily to try to prevent any further stretch marks (I’ve got way too many as it is!) and I just love it! It isn’t greasy but it doesn’t absorb too quickly either, it’s …