Get Glowing!

It’s going to be over 80 and sunny next week in St. George! Which got me to thinking about spending a lot of time outdoors…which made me realize I am PASTY white…which reminded me about this awesome article I read on…which led me to ordering this amazing sunless tanner! As you can see the brand offers other great products to go along with the mousse!

Do you love sunless tanner or hate it? I love getting airbrushed because the application is almost always flawless but don’t love the idea of getting naked in front of anyone other than my husband (and not even him most days!) with my huge 34 week pregnant belly and body. So I am super excited to try this Tanwise Mousse! It gets amazing reviews online and if Cara loves it, I know it’s gotta be good.

I love a good glow and I am not against a natural glow either. You can read an article I wrote a while back on practicing safe sun HERE. I love the sun and feel like it’s good for every other plant and animal on the planet so it must be good for humans too. I know we can overdo it though and if I am out in the sun enjoying myself I have a very hard time wanting to cover up after too much exposure. And I always regret it later when I am burned and peeling. So I’m going to set a goal this summer not to let myself get to the fried lobster point!

What are your thoughts on self tanner, sunscreen, and sun exposure in general? I’d love to hear them!

Thanks so much for reading and have an amazing weekend!


by Anna

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