Easter Basket Ideas

Can you believe Easter is only 12 days away! I remember going through my son’s calender back at the first of the year and marking off all his vacation days and thinking, “Easter Break is so far away!” I had just found out I was pregnant. Once we reached Easter I knew the baby was just right around the corner. This year has flown by!

How do you celebrate Easter? Do you have some fun plans in the making? We are going to go to my little sister’s house in Pioche for a couple days and let Westin play with his “country” cousins and enjoy Pioche’s amazing Easter Egg Hunt (I hear it’s the best Easter Egg Hunt in the West!) I just want to relax on Easter Sunday at home–the weather should be amazing and it is just so beautiful in St. George right now there’s really no place I’d rather be.

I like to do a few gifts for Westin for Easter in his basket. Nothing major–usually a new outfit, maybe a new pair of shoes, and possibly a movie or video game. I want to find a good book on the story of Easter and the Resurrection so he can learn it’s not just about the Easter Bunny. 🙂 We are not religious people but I personally think it’s important to teach Westin about Jesus and Heavenly Father and all that good stuff. 🙂

Here are a few of my favorite Easter basket stuffers–they would look great next to a chocolate bunny and a pretty Easter Dress!

1. Incoco Easter Collection Nail Polish Strips

2. Pretty Pastel Easter Polishes

3. Sassy Scrumptious Lip Glosses

4. Skin Quenching Candy Scented Lotions and Scrubs

These are just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to fun ideas for Easter gifts and treats! What are some of your favorite basket stuffers?

Thanks for reading! Happy Hump Day!


by Anna

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