Cancun nails! Acrylic overlay with Shellac Tropix and Turquoise Young Nails Mani Q Green 101


I totally forgot to post a pic of these cute nails I did for my awesome, gorgeous, fun friend Kendra!


Kendra’s Cancun Nails


Pink acrylic sculpted nails with Shellac Tropic and Mani-Q Green 101 with Gold Studs

Pink acrylic sculpted nails with Shellac Tropic and Mani-Q Green 101 with Gold Studs


I love how they turned out! I do a light pink acrylic sculpt with Kendra because she is a nail biter (I was once a biter too!) and then I finish the design with gel polish. Kendra wanted coral and turquoise nails to match her bikinis she is taking with her to Cancun, Mexico. Yeah!!!!! I wish I was in Cancun RIGHT NOW!!!!! Anyway…..we used Shellac Tropix for the coral. In my opinion it’s THE prettiest shade of coral gel polish. I am looking forward to buying Young Nails new Spring Collection Mani-Q gel polishes because it looks like they might have a coral color that will match Shellac Tropix’s beauty. For the turquoise we used Young Nails Mani-Q Green 101, the prettiest shade of turquoise gel polish available hands down. You have to be a licensed professional to buy Young Nails, but I highly recommend finding a nail tech who uses Young Nails if you are looking for an AMAZING turquoise gel polish color. Not only is it the prettiest turquoise gel polish, it is one of my most popular, widely used gel polish colors ever.

After I painted on the smile lines on every finger, I did a top coat on the ring fingers and thumbs and placed the square gold studs down the middle of each finger. I bought these on www.dollarnailart.comAfter I placed the studs in position, I had Kendra stick her hand in the lamp to freeze them in place. I then did dots in the Mani-Q Green 101 under the Tropix coral smile lines. I like to do a big dot in the middle of the smile line and try to do smaller dots out to the edges. These dots are a great way to create a deeper, curvier smile line. And I think they looked like fun Spanish beads! Again, perfect for Cancun! After I finished all the dots I cured each hand for a full two minutes and did another top coat over every finger, including the studs, so that the studs will stay on really well. I am a little bit worried Kendra might lose a few while she is playing in the waves, swinging from a zip line, flying up in the sky from a parasail, sitting at the swim up bar…..ha ha 🙂 I told her I would gladly come down to Cancun for any necessary repairs. My husband and I are desperately wanting to take a trip to the Riviera Maya in June….please, please, please let this trip happen Vacation Gods!!!! We LOVE the Mexican Caribbean….we were there seven years and I am not even joking when I say that I dream of returning to this destination on a weekly basis. Not that this has anything to do with nails, but we have decided to go to the Grand Palladium outside of Akumal….anybody that wants to join us is more than welcome! The more the merrier! 🙂 

Ok, well, once again, thanks for looking! Let me know if you have any questions!!!! I hope you are having a blast Kendra and Tad!!!!!


by Anna

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