Young Nails Mani-Q Green 101 is the prettiest, most awesome shade of turquoise gel polish EVER!!!

Young Nails Mani-Q Green 101 is the most beautiful color of turquoise!

I cannot say enough GOOD GREAT WONDERFUL AMAZING things about Young Nails Mani-Q Green 101!!!!! I think I’ve mentioned before you have to be licensed to buy Young Nails….but regardless this is THE MOST AMAZING TURQUOISE GEL POLISH COLOR in the history of turquoise gel polishes! I promise you will not be disapointed!!!!

Mani-Q Green 101 with Ombre fading–Caribbean Blue Nails!

If you are not licensed, find a nail tech who uses Young Nails Mani-Q. If your …

Cancun nails! Acrylic overlay with Shellac Tropix and Turquoise Young Nails Mani Q Green 101


I totally forgot to post a pic of these cute nails I did for my awesome, gorgeous, fun friend Kendra!

Kendra’s Cancun Nails


Pink acrylic sculpted nails with Shellac Tropic and Mani-Q Green 101 with Gold Studs


I love how they turned out! I do a light pink acrylic sculpt with Kendra because she is a nail biter (I was once a biter too!) and then I finish the design with gel polish. Kendra wanted coral and turquoise nails to match her bikinis she is taking with her to Cancun, …