Cancun nails! Acrylic overlay with Shellac Tropix and Turquoise Young Nails Mani Q Green 101


I totally forgot to post a pic of these cute nails I did for my awesome, gorgeous, fun friend Kendra!

Kendra’s Cancun Nails


Pink acrylic sculpted nails with Shellac Tropic and Mani-Q Green 101 with Gold Studs


I love how they turned out! I do a light pink acrylic sculpt with Kendra because she is a nail biter (I was once a biter too!) and then I finish the design with gel polish. Kendra wanted coral and turquoise nails to match her bikinis she is taking with her to Cancun, …

Can’t wait for tomorrow!

I am so excited for tomorrow! I’m working with some of my favorite people all day long—Allison, Lannette, Nicole and Ashley! Yeah!!! I’m doing a special model session with a few ladies for my website redo which will be up and running shortly. Did I mention how excited I am?!?!? Here’s a pic of some sketches I did for the “photo shoot” tomorrow 🙂

sketching ideas for my cover nails

Check back soon for updates! Lots of fun stuff in store for my site!!! Oh, and my little boy wanted to …

More Valentine’s Day Nail Art!

missconde from Instagram Anti-Gravity Nails

I love doing nails in February! I think Pink is probably my favorite color of nail polish and I have been using a lot of pink lately! Plus, it’s just nice always creating nails about love! 🙂 I have seen some hilarious Valentine’s Day nails on Instagram that have a little bit different take on love, as you can see below….the anti Valentine’s Day nails. The nail artist’s username on Instagram is missconde and she does amazing work. These nails were actually inspired by another …