Does Vinylux by CND really last for 7 Days?

Yesterday marked the end of my 7 day Vinylux Challenge. I must admit, I love this new polish!!! CND claims it will last 7 days chip free and although I did not see those results I was extremely pleased that mine lasted five days chip free! In Vinylux’s defense, I am ULTRA hard on my nails! I usually can only get about 9-10 days out of gel polish.

My ring finger corners chipped off at day 3 but it was on the verge of breaking before I applied Vinylux. I wore …

Cancun nails! Acrylic overlay with Shellac Tropix and Turquoise Young Nails Mani Q Green 101


I totally forgot to post a pic of these cute nails I did for my awesome, gorgeous, fun friend Kendra!

Kendra’s Cancun Nails


Pink acrylic sculpted nails with Shellac Tropic and Mani-Q Green 101 with Gold Studs


I love how they turned out! I do a light pink acrylic sculpt with Kendra because she is a nail biter (I was once a biter too!) and then I finish the design with gel polish. Kendra wanted coral and turquoise nails to match her bikinis she is taking with her to Cancun, …