I am in love with this look!

Well it turns out the peacock water transfer nail tattoos are really popular! I’ve been doing them a lot lately and so far mainly with a coral/pink color. Which I love!

I should clarify what I mean by “doing them a lot” because that could be misleading. I think I might have six regular “clients” that I do steadily. I wish I could work more but right now my life doesn’t really allow for that. I need to do a contest for more nail giveaways so that I can meet more …

Coachella Nails

My friend Tennille is heading to Coachella this weekend and I know she is going to have so much fun! We’ve been planning her nails for a while now…and this is actually not what we had planned but I had to improvise last minute. I’m glad we did because I like this better!

We were going to use my Pastel Gargantuan Green Grape GelColor and I actually applied all the color, 3-4 coats on each nail, and then went to do the top coat and realized it hadn’t cured hardly AT …

Hilarious Ellen DeGeneres Nail Polish/Late Night Movie Video!

Who doesn’t love Ellen?!? On one of her recent shows, she did a game where they had titles to Late Night Cinemax Movies and Nail Polishes, and the audience had to decide if the title was a movie or a polish…so funny!

Here’s a pic of my latest mani–Lobster Roll by CND

I love this color! It reminds me a lot of Cajun Shrimp by OPI. A gorgeous red coral. I paired it with a Dashing Diva Design FX Strides and Stripes wrap on my ring finger and did a simple dot …