Aztec Fall

I have been wanting to do some Aztec nails for a while and luckily my friend Jess was down with the idea when she came over for her nail appointment yesterday! I love how they turned out! I think this is a great look for transitioning into fall…we incorporated mint, grey, and coral…one of my favorite color schemes.

aztec tribal nail art

aztec nail art with mint green polish

I know I say this every time…but I think these are my favorite nails I’ve ever done! It’s Jess’ birthday this weekend and she’s running the St. George Marathon next weekend so these nails are going to see a lot of excitement 🙂 Hopefully they’ll bring her some good luck–not that she needs it she is so stinking buff…we work out at Crossfit together a lot and I’m always happy if I can kinda sorta keep up with Jess. Did I mention she’s done a full Ironman and a 70.3? Yeah, she’s a rockstar. 🙂

I love the tribal/aztec theme so much…I threw an outfit together on Polyvore…couldn’t resist 🙂

Aztec Fall

I love this jacket too from Dolce Vita…it looks so cozy for Fall!

Click here to buy this fabulous Dolce Vita jacket on Whiskey and Lace

Click here to buy this fabulous Dolce Vita jacket on Whiskey and Lace

I could post forever with cute Aztec fashions. I love this nail theme…there are so many different color schemes it would look amazing with—plum and gold, navy and orange, red and black…

I’ll finish with an inspirational fall thought…I would follow Autumn all over the world if I could…

follow autumn

Have a lovely weekend!


by Anna

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