Neon peach and turquoise summer nail art!

Gelish I’m Brighter Than You–Neon Peach Gel Polish is amazing!

I just wanted to share these adorable nails with the world!

We used Gelish I’m Brighter Than You which is a neon peach and hard to capture on photo. I then did OPI GelColor Alpine Snow on her ring finger with Young Nails Mani Q Green 101 for the chevron stripes.

When I do the chevron stripes I freehand them and do thin coats until I reach the desired effect, usually in about 3-4 coats. I use a thin striping brush …

Trendy and Chic Nail Styles–stripes, dots, kisses, studs, hearts & fun!

I’ve had the pleasure of doing some beautiful nails the last few weeks for my BFF’s 🙂 In case you are wondering, I get a lot of my inspiration from Instagram. Instagram has to be the number one spot for nail ideas these days. It’s crazy how many nail accounts are on there! I was totally overwhelmed when I first signed up and started following people, but once I got the hang of it and became comfortable on there, I love navigating around and trying to find the styles that …

Young Nails Mani-Q Green 101 is the prettiest, most awesome shade of turquoise gel polish EVER!!!

Young Nails Mani-Q Green 101 is the most beautiful color of turquoise!

I cannot say enough GOOD GREAT WONDERFUL AMAZING things about Young Nails Mani-Q Green 101!!!!! I think I’ve mentioned before you have to be licensed to buy Young Nails….but regardless this is THE MOST AMAZING TURQUOISE GEL POLISH COLOR in the history of turquoise gel polishes! I promise you will not be disapointed!!!!

Mani-Q Green 101 with Ombre fading–Caribbean Blue Nails!

If you are not licensed, find a nail tech who uses Young Nails Mani-Q. If your …