Top 10 Favorite Nail Products

I know I post a lot about my favorite products, so I hope I don’t sound like a broken record, but I love hearing about what other nail techs are using so I thought I would share what products I am using and loving at the current moment!

Top 10 Nail Products
1. OPI Infinite Shine Polish System

This is OPI’s new high wearing polish line and I LOVE it! It lasts forever on toes and my clients can get a good week out of a manicure with Infinite Shine. My favorite …

5 Amazing Products Every Nail Tech Needs! 

Here are my top 5 amazing products every nail tech needs right now!
1. Nail Forms—eNail Couture

These forms are amazing! I will be ordering them soon so I’ll do a full review once they get here.

I am totally getting these eNail Couture Luxury Forms soon cause I am almost out of forms and these look amazing! They’re the only ones I’ve seen with the stiletto shape combined with the square…and they look like they will stay put! They are on sale right now for a great price of …

My 5 Favorite Nail Products

My Top 5 Favorite Nail Products–Hempz Moisterizer, Fish Oil, Seche Vite, Star Pro Foot File, Soak Off Gel Polish

If your like a lot of people, you buy way too many beauty products. You’ll end up using most of the products once or twice, eventually sticking them in the back of a junk drawer or medicne cabinet, until one day you purge your bathroom throwing away almost all those beauty products you spent far too much of your hard earned money on. I mean, I never do this…ever…but I …