Top 10 Favorite Nail Products

I know I post a lot about my favorite products, so I hope I don’t sound like a broken record, but I love hearing about what other nail techs are using so I thought I would share what products I am using and loving at the current moment!

Top 10 Nail Products

1. OPI Infinite Shine Polish System

This is OPI’s new high wearing polish line and I LOVE it! It lasts forever on toes and my clients can get a good week out of a manicure with Infinite Shine. My favorite color of the moment is Glow The Extra Mile, a pretty shimmery metallic gold color. One other bonus of Infinite Shine is they make great stamping polishes!

2. Young Nail Synergy Gel System

I love Synergy Gel. The Clear Sculpting gel is perfect for sculpting tips, but if you like to do tips it applies perfectly over plastic tips with the Base and Build gels. When I do a backfill, I do Base and Build. I’ve been using a custom mixed blend of Concealer Pink and Clear Build a lot too. It’s just a really pretty nude pink gel that everyone is loving. Oh and Gloss is an amazing top gel that doesn’t stain hardly at all for hair stylists.

3. Tree Hut Sugar Scrubs

I LOVE these sugar scrubs for pedicures! The Island Kiwi scent is my current favorite, but they are seriously all amazing. The formula is super sticky and holds together really well. I hate when I’m doing a pedi and the sugar crystals fall off all over and make a huge mess. You can buy these at Ulta Beauty.

4. Hempz Juicy Strawberry and Vanilla Lotion

I’ve never not loved any of the Hempz lotions I’ve used, but this particular scent is just amazing! It absorbs perfectly and the scent lingers just long enough to enjoy for a little while. Plus this one comes with a super cute hair tie!

5. Akzentz Shine-On Top Gloss

This is an amazing gel top coat! It’s non sticky when it dries which is nice and it really does stay shiny and seems more durable than other gel top coats. I’ve noticed I like it better when I use an LED light than when I use a UV light but it works great either way!

6. EZ Flow Primer

EZ Flow Primer is by far the best primer I’ve ever used. Nails stay on sooooo good when you prep with this product! Be careful with it and don’t over saturate the nail bed when you use it. Just dot it on very, very lightly. If someone is a bad lifter, do 2-3 coats and then do a wet coat right before you place the acrylic bead. I do a thin coat before my base gel when doing gel backfills and never experience any lifting. I’ll try to do a whole post soon on proper prep and how to get nails to stay put.

7. Prolinc Callus and Cuticle Eliminator

This stuff is amazing for dry skin. It’s the best callus and cuticle eliminator I’ve used hands down. It is hardcore and you really need to be careful with it so be sure to follow the instructions closely. Here’s a link to buy it on Amazon. The Cuticle Eliminator is my favorite as well. When I do a pedicure, I let the feet soak for 5 minutes, pull one foot out, file and shape the nail bed, apply cuticle eliminator and then squirt a small amount of callus eliminator in a plastic bag, wipe it on the callused foot skin, then place the bag over the foot. I do the other foot, then come back to the first foot and the calluses and cuticles are nice and soft and easy to remove.

8. Star Nails Grey 100/180 files

I’m picky about my nail files and these are the ones I keep coming back to. I bought some at Sally’s the other day because I couldn’t get to CosmoProf and I was pretty disappointed. The Star Nail Files remain gritty after a few fills. I wash and sanitize in between every client and throw away after any foot service. They just hold up so well!

9. Akzentz Opti-Bond Soak Off Base Gel

I am loving Akzentz products and in particular this base coat! I love being able to control how much I get on my brush because it’s in the jar versus the bottle application. When I use Opti-Bond Base with Shine-On top, my gel mani’s hold up AMAZING!

10. Nail Art Brush

This brush from Sally Beauty is soooo great for nail art! It’s always a struggle finding a good nail art brush so I was thrilled when this one worked so well!

There you have it! I’d love to hear your favorite nail products if you want to leave a comment! Or if you have any questions for me feel free to ask away! Hope everyone is having a great weekend!


by Anna

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