Pics of Gelish gel polish

Miss Mandy

Gelish colored gel polish-black shadow with mint icing

I love my new Gelish colored gel polishes! I only have three colors right now but have found a distributor that will ship to me who has all the colors, so I will be ordering more soon!

Gelish is almost identical to Shellac. It’s a simple to use gel polish that goes on like regular polish, dries instantly (due to curing in a UV light), and lasts for weeks. However, Gelish seems to possibly be slightly more resilient than Shellac. It seems to me like the base coat is thicker and dries stronger than Shellac’s, which I think I kinda like!

Anyway, here are some pics. If you want to try this amazing new product, stop by Studio 359 in St. George, Utah and come see what all the rave is about!


by Anna

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