Introducing an amazing new product! Gelish gel nail polish!

I am so excited to offer Nail Harmony’s Gelish colored gel nail polish products! I have a limited color selection at the moment, but plan on increasing my collection periodically. I currently am offering three super trendy, chic colors-Black Shadow (black), Starburst (dark purple), and Mint Icing (a pretty metallic jade color). You can see the colors on the chart below, and if you have any special requests, send them my way. I will do my best to have them for you if you give me advance notice. Product application is approximately 45 minutes for either hands or feet, but you do not have to worry about smudging or ruining the product because it is instantly dry (after curing in a UV lamp…) and the product will last much, much, much longer than regular polish (possibly up to three weeks on hands and six weeks on toes if you can resist picking!)

Come on in to Studio 359 for your chance to try Gelish! I love it and can’t wait to offer it to all my amazing clients!

Also, I hope everyone is enjoying this amazing early Fall weather! I am burning a Bath and Body Works Autumn candle right now–it smells sooo good. I plan on offering a pumpkin harvest pedicure and manicure soon at the salon! I LOVE fall! I have officially decided it is my favorite season!


Nail Harmony Gelish Color Chart, soak off colored gel polish

by Anna

2 thoughts on “Introducing an amazing new product! Gelish gel nail polish!

    • admin says:

      Hi Cheryl,
      I do not know about the color chart…I should clarify I am in no way affiliated with any of the company’s I blog about except that I am a licensed nail technician and I use their products on my clients. I think if you go to Nail Harmony’s website they have a color chart. Sorry I am not more help! 🙁

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