OPI GelColor Review–You’re Such A Budapest

OPI GelColor Reviews

I’ve been seeing a lot of people online asking about reviews for OPI GelColor so I thought I would start posting and see what kind of feedback I get. I have a ton of posts with OPI GelColor in them so I will add all of those to the GelColor Category as well.

You’re Such A Budapest Review

I have been wanting a good lavender gel polish for a while now. You’re Such A Budapest was released last year as a special release during the Spring 2013 collection release. It was on closeout at CosmoProf so I decided to buy it. I love A Grape Fit by OPI as well but I wanted a lighter version. You’re Such A Budapest is the perfect spring lavender color…just what I was looking for!

Lavender and White Gel Mani

Lavender and White Gel Mani

I was worried about application on the first coat because it was very light and transparent but after three “thin” coats the color is perfect and it cured perfectly as well. I used my Gelish 6G LED light and sometimes I don’t get a perfect cure if my fingers aren’t in the perfect position but I didn’t have any problems at all with this color.

I love this look for spring!

I love this look for spring!

I wiped off the sticky layer on the ring finger with alcohol and did the “circle” stamp with CND Vinylux Cream Puff polish. A lot of times when I wipe the sticky layer off color will come off as well but no color came off with You’re Such A Budapest. It would have looked cute not to have done a top coat and left it a matte finish as well.

Products I Used

I don’t list OPI GelColor in my shop but it is available on Amazon for around $16-$20/bottle.

This color from Glam and Glitz INK Gel Polish looks like it would be a close match as well for under $11/bottle. Chickettes has started reviewing INK SOG Polishes and she loves them! I don’t want to recommend a lavender or lilac Gelish SOG unfortunately because in my experience they all fade. It’s only the light pinks and purples that do this with Gelish.

Let me know if you have any questions about You’re Such A Budapest or any other GelColor Polishes as well. I’ve used just about all of them! It’s probably my favorite line of Soak Off Gel’s so far. I wouldn’t recommend Black Onyx but other than that all the colors are great!

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