Mani Monday–Crossfit Nails for a Crossfit Rockstar!

This is my friend Connie…isn’t she cute 🙂

I like to call her Crossfit Connie :)

I like to call her Crossfit Connie 🙂

I’ve known Connie for about three years now. She was one of the original’s at Crossfit Dixie. I was totally intimidated and scared of her when I first started working out down there because she is sooooo bada$& but after hundreds of wod’s together I now know Connie is one of the sweetest, kindest, most thoughtful people I have ever met. And there’s nothing to be afraid of…but she is still totally bad-A! :)))) Check her out in action!

just a little FYI...that kettlebell weighs 55 pounds :)

just a little FYI…that kettlebell weighs 55 pounds 🙂

Connie loves thrusters! :)

Connie loves thrusters! 🙂

She is amazing at pull-ups....

She is amazing at pull-ups….

she's seriously a pull-up machine!

she’s seriously a pull-up machine!

I just want Connie to know that I totally look up to her and always will. She is one of the hardest workers I know. She takes every wod seriously and gives it everything she’s got. She’s an amazing mother, wife, person, and friend. And she’s absolutely beautiful with near perfect nails! 🙂

When she agreed to let me paint her perfect nails it didn’t take me long to figure out how I would do them. I’ve been wanting to do some Crossfit nails for a while now but needed the right model…I couldn’t put Crossfit nails on just anybody 🙂 Any of the girls at Crossfit Dixie would make a great candidate but Connie is the lucky girl who gets to sport my first Crossfit mani and I couldn’t be more excited! 🙂

I got inspiration from WodLove for these nails...a totally awesome Crossfit clothing company!

I got inspiration from WodLove for these nails…a totally awesome Crossfit clothing company!

3-2-1 Go! :)))

3-2-1 Go! :)))

Thanks for everything Connie!

Thanks for everything Connie! You are an amazing hand model! 🙂

I used all Creative Nail Design Vinylux colors for this mani, except the glitter on the black ring finger is an OPI glitter. I hand painted the kettlebells with a black stripe rite nail art paint and actually used a black Sharpie for the writing. You have to be really careful putting a top coat over Sharpie–it bleeds every time. I’ve found if I go over the Sharpie with black paint it helps to eliminate bleeding. I wish I would have moved the nail art away from each other more but Connie and I had just gotten done with a wod and my mind was mush…I guess I’m gonna have to do another Crossfit mani! 🙂

I had as much fun designing the outfit on Polyvore to go with these nails as I did designing the nails! If you go to Polyvore you can find links to buy everything from this outfit.

Crossfit Mani

If you have any questions about this mani or Crossfit let me know! I am a little bit obsessed with both topics! 🙂

I hope everyone is having an absolutely fabulous Labor Day Weekend! Thanks so much for reading!


by Anna

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