Festive and Merry Nails!

I’ve had a fairly busy week and created some cute stuff! A major accomplishment being I did my own nails! I sculpted out a super short tip with hard gel which I was dreading but turned out not being too horrible 🙂

Anyway…here’s a few new photos for you!

Nude and red nailsRed ombre nails with glitter and snowflakes

And here’s a before and after of my new hands :)))

Sculpting short nails with gelsculpted gel nails

And the finished product!

Hex Glitter Christmas Tree

All the colors and nailart are done with gelpolish. I used Axxium by OPI to sculpt my new set. I really like OPI hard gels but there are a few brands I would love to try one day, namely Akentz and Light Elegance. I used hex glitters to create the tree on my middle finger and think it turned out pretty cute 🙂

Are you all ready for Christmas? I think we just about are….just a few things left to grab. Check out what my client Dena gave me…

Caymus 2011 Cabernet

I had to look it up to find out how good it really is because Dena is so humble but it’s a $130 bottle of Cabernet from Caymus Winery and it’s been voted “The Best Wine In The World” TWICE by Wine Spectator Magazine. We are going to save it for our anniversary in June when I will be able to drink half the bottle with Jason if I make sure to “pump and dump” after 🙂 I am super excited! :))) Here’s a link to buy it if your interested :))

What’s a totally unexpected awesome gift you’ve received before?

Thanks so much for reading!!! I hope your weekend is amazing!!!!

Tootles–Anna 🙂

by Anna

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