Does Vinylux by CND really last for 7 Days?

Yesterday marked the end of my 7 day Vinylux Challenge. I must admit, I love this new polish!!! CND claims it will last 7 days chip free and although I did not see those results I was extremely pleased that mine lasted five days chip free! In Vinylux’s defense, I am ULTRA hard on my nails! I usually can only get about 9-10 days out of gel polish.

My ring finger corners chipped off at day 3 but it was on the verge of breaking before I applied Vinylux. I wore gloves when I shoveled loads of gravel on Day 4 and when I put my hands in hot bleach water throughout the week washing dishes and counters but other than that I didn’t protect my mani at all. And I consider myself a busy person. 🙂 I did four Crossfit Wods, mowed the lawn, deep cleaned my house, helped my husband install a Lifetime Shed (hence the gravel shoveling!), soaked in the jacuzzi at my in-laws, did my friend Tennille’s nails, and I’m sure tons more super hard strenuous housework that I just can’t seem to remember (wink wink). As you can see, Vinylux held up pretty darn well. My cuticles on the other hand look atrocious!

I personally would have changed my polish at day 5. By day 7, the ends were bare, it was starting to lift around the edges, and they were quite dull. I would still recommend Vinylux to those who like to change their mani every 5-7 days. Also, if your favorite salon isn’t offering Vinylux yet, it’s available retail to the public, so pick up a few shades PLUS the top coat and take it to the salon with you. In fact, I would buy the top coat and keep on hand to apply every 3-4 days regardless. I added an extra top coat to my nails at Day 4 and I know if I hadn’t they wouldn’t have made it as far as they did.

Vinylux by CND 7 Day Challenge

Day 1 Vinylux--Tropix, Cream Puff, and Black Pool.

Day 1 Vinylux–Tropix, Cream Puff, and Black Pool.

Vinylux 7 Day Challenge

Vinylux 7 Day Challenge: Days 2-7

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