Christmas Nail Art with Gel Polish

My friend Trish came in to get her nails done yesterday and told me just to do something “Christmasy”. Her only stipulation was she wanted gel polish, so here is Trish’s gel polish Christmas nail art mani. It’s kind of eclectic but I think it turned out cute!

We started with a red, white, green, and silver base…

I used Gelish All Tied Up With A Bow, Gelish Just What I Wanted, OPI GelColor Alpine Snow, and Gelish Little Miss Sparkle. I knew I wanted to do a peppermint candy nail but other than that I wasn’t quite sure what to do. My brain wasn’t functioning too well yesterday because my 19 month old had been up all night with croup and I think I got 2-3 hours sleep max.

Christmas Candy Nail Art!

Christmas Candy Nail Art!

Peppermint candy Christmas nail art inspo..

Here’s a few cute ideas for Peppermint Candy Nail Art to use for inspiration. I think it would be super cute to do a red base and then just one peppermint nail as well. It’s just such an iconic Christmas look! πŸ™‚

Peppermint Candy Tutorial

Peppermint Candy Nail Art

Red and Green Peppermint Candy Nails

Candy cane stripes Christmas nail art…

The middle finger I did Just What I Wanted and used a Stripe Rite nail art paint to do the candy cane stripes. Β These are seriously my favorite tools to do nail art with. You have to be sure to wipe off the sticky layer when you use them on gel polish though! The brush is perfect for painting thin lines and they come in tons of fun colors!

Fun Christmas Nails!

Fun Christmas Nails!

The pinky I just did two red dots with Gelish Good Gossip (aka the best red sparkly gel polish ever!) They remind me of Rudolph’s nose. πŸ™‚

The index and thumb I did All Tied Up With a Bow with a silver sparkly french tip and white “snow ball” polka dots. I wish now I would have done a reverse peppermint candy on the index and Little Miss Sparkle on the thumb. I like how it turned out but if my brain had been functioning better I would have done that combo instead…I almost always look back and think “I should have done it this way!” As long as my clients are happy that’s all that matters though. πŸ™‚

I can’t believe Christmas is almost here! Time is just flying by, I think even more so now that I am back in the working world! My oldest son is done with school until after New Year’s and I love having him home all day. I’m going to try to fill this week with lots of fun Christmas activites…I think we will go to Tuacahn Monday night for the lights and nativity and hopefully Santa! We need to bake cookies and treats for the neighbors and get a few last minute gifts as well…it’s going to be a fun week!

Thanks for taking the time to read this and hopefully it gives you some ideas for Christmas nail art!


by Anna

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